Monday, July 13, 2009

Red and Blue Suit - And Checking In Halfway Through My Wardrobe Challenge

When I arrived at work and went to change into this outfit, I realized...the pants are tight. Just a week bit tight, but it serves to remind me to stay on track and watch what I eat and to exercise more. Still, not the kind of thing you want to be reminded of on a Monday. Blech.
However, I love the look of these shoes, and I do like this suit a lot (but I don't wear it much). This is the new red top I got at the swap last week.

The stuff:
Blue, blue, blue cheap shoes...They pop nicely against the red, don't they? They look good, but they are crap quality. I have major Dr. Scholl's in them.

So, I hit the halfway mark of my 2009 Wardrobe Challenge on June 30th, and I was feeling pretty good about it...until this week.

I'm feeling frustrated by not being able to have gorgeous trendy shoes. I want pretty summer dresses. I want nice light skirts. These are the hardest things to find second-hand, and I am really jonesing bad for a shopping trip! I expressed this to L today, and what a dear, he offered to take me shopping and "cheat on your resolution."

Well, that pulled me up short. I have my "gift loophole" (having a bit of a lawyerly bent, I love loopholes), so he could have taken me shopping and bought me new pretties as gifts. But that defeats the spirit of the challenge, if not the letter. I can't do it - but just wait for me to milk the gift aspect when my birthday comes around (gift cards will count as gifts)!

I have a huge admiration for Jane at workthatwardrobe, as she nears the final days of her own "no buy" challenge (hers is much more strict than mine!). Another 5 1/2 months to go...and summer is the hardest part.

Suit (Vero Moda), red top (Le Chateau, swap), shoes (Anne Michelle, consignment), necklace (don't recall).


  1. Sheila, this surprises me because your fabulous and trendy shoes are usually the first thing I notice! And I love your dresses (although I understand wanting more for summer, or getting bored with what you have now.)

    The shoes look fabulous with the red and the pinstripes. The suit is so cute!

  2. Ugh to tight pants! But Yeah for cute shoes and the shirt does look great!

    I must say, I'm super impressed you're sticking with it!

  3. i do like how the blue shoes pop against the red top. WOW! totally gorgeous. good luck with your challenge! you can do it!

  4. You are doing an AMAZING job, lady. It's a long haul, I know, and I'm so impressed that you turned your hubby down for some gifts. I would've totally jumped on that!

  5. Kari, thanks...I have a lot of shoes, but many of them are of lesser quality or are getting worn out. I need to replace some of them. I do love my dresses...I just want more! :)

    Christy, yeah, I know, I hate tight pants! Thank you for the encouragement.

    Eednic, thanks! I appreciate your support.

    Sal, thank you so much. I am struggling a bit right now...nothing a little consignment shopping won't cure.


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