Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Shorts, and My Stupid Shoulder

Finally happy with an outfit this week!
My dress shorts, a nice blouse, matchy shoes ('cause I'm match like that), and the boyfriend cardi to help pull it all together.

Today was supposed to be my first dragon boat practice, but I am injured. And what an injury: I did it in my sleep! I sometimes sleep on my stomach with my arms above my head, and on Monday night, I woke up to excruciating pain in my right rotator cuff. It was not so bad yesterday, but when I woke up this morning, I could barely move my arm.

My coworkers staged an intervention and took me to the walk-in clinic this morning, where I waited for an hour and a half for a 5-minute visit with the doctor (insert rolling eyes here). He said I have an inflammation of the bursa in my shoulder, probably carried on from my aikido injury back in January. He gave me some exercises to do and told me to take ibuprofen...but needless to say, I couldn't paddle today. Sad! But he did say I can still do it, if I paddle on the right.

I went anyway, since some of my friends and L are on the team, and walked around the waterway, watching them. I'll go to the Sunday practice as well and watch (maybe sit in the boat if they are short people, to balance it), but no Ultimate for me either this week. Dang! I hate being old! What's with the stupid spontaneous injuries?

Anyway, enough complaining, here's the stuff:
The earrings didn't really go (the gold on them), but eh, I don't care.

Cardigan (Express,consignment), blouse (Thanx Collection), shorts (Club Monaco, consignment), shoes (Predictions, consignment), necklace & earrings (Plum), belt (Nygard).


  1. Sleeping can be a very dangerous activity. BEWARE!

  2. I really love those shoes. Funny how they photograph burgundy in your full out fit shots.

    I hear ya on the spontaneous injuries though. They suck. Heal up soon so you can get to rowing!

  3. Sorry to ear about your shoulder. Hope you gt better soon.
    But it's nice that you can still take part of the activities.
    You look very good in your city shorts.

  4. Bah, what a bummer about your shoulder! At least you'll still be able to participate ... eventually.

    As always, LOVE the shoes.

  5. bursitis. no fun. i have it in one of my hips right now. here i am, 32 years old, should i be having frikkin' bursitis? isn't that for old people i wondered? apparently not! just for the injured! love your shorts! i've been wearing shorts to the office a bit lately too! i'm so glad it's an option in this heat!

  6. Frisbee, aikido, and now there is dragon boating?!?!? Seriously, is there anything you don't do? I had to google it, b/c I've never even heard of it. :)

  7. Wendy, who knew!?

    Thanks, Alison - actually, they ARE burgundy. The shoulder feels a lot better today.

    Nurmisur, thanks so much!

    Thanks, Sal, I'll heal - but it sucks how much longer it takes once you've over 40.

    Eednic, ooh, you poor thing. I feel pretty pathetic about it too. Thanks! I like the city shorts.

    Tina, I actually stopped going to aikido - it was just too hard on my shoulder (oh, the irony). But yes, still playing Ultimate and I will get dragon boating soon (I embedded a link about it, by the way). I find if I do a class or some other type of sport, it doesn't feel as much like exercise!

  8. Oh no! That is a shame about your shoulder. Hope that you get better.

    One of my girlfriends actually just got involved with the dragon boats in your area. I'd never heard of the activity before! Is it very popular in your city? I wonder if you'd know her or if there are simply too many groups involved.

  9. Kari, thanks! It is feeling much better already.

    I don't know anyone aside from my very close friends in dragon boating (all guys). It's HUGE here - there are dozens of teams. I'm paddling on a friend's corporate team.

  10. Sorry to hear about the shoulder! Botherrrrr!! I forgot you were over 40 - you are really so NOT. I'll be 40 next year, and now I'm SO reconsidering all those stereotypes of "your 40's" that I had earlier. I feel I'm so fulfilling all my potential, in my late 30's - who knew! Best of luck with the injury, hopefully it passes quickly, and please keep at the blog, we really do enjoy it!

  11. Margrc, thanks! It's all better now, though, but yes, being over 40 sucks. You just don't have control over your body like you used to - things don't "bounce back" like they used to. Thanks so much for the encouragement!


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