Friday, July 3, 2009

Casual Friday - Storks!

It would be fair to say that I like embellishment on my clothing. So when I saw this awesome cardigan, I fell in love. It has storks on it!
It's wool, angora and cashmere and is all hand-embroidered with storks and trees - it's even embroidered on the cuffs of the sweater! I really liked the teeny bits of red in the design, so did red shoes and a red cami underneath. The skirt is a thin denim.

With my funky retro-look purse:
A close-up of the front detail:
But what I really love is when a pattern continues around the back:
How cool is that?

Not much stuff (my shoes are pretty old, so no one needs to see how worn they are, trust me):
The necklace is just an old key that I noticed in my jewelry box when I was photographing it the other day. I just slipped it on the chain that I use for my loose pendants.

Cardigan (Lucky Brand, consignment), cami (Plum), skirt (Jacob), shoes (Feet First), bag (Naturalizer), silver chain, key, white gold hoops.


  1. Sheila, I had no idea I was in your neck of the woods! That would have been so funny if I had bumped into you. We left fairly early on Monday but visited our favorite tea shop and explored the local hat store.

    One of my good friends just moved to the city, so I'm sure I'll be in the area again before long. I'll definitely let you know next time I'm planning a trip. It would be fun to meet.

  2. That is so funny, isn't it? I bet you were in Roberta's - I have bought many a hat there. Yes, please let me know next time you're up and I'll take you to my favourite stores.

  3. Love the sweater, absolutely beautiful embroidery!

  4. Beautiful cardigan.ALso love the detail on the back.

  5. You need this to go with the sweater!

  6. What an amazing sweater!! I too love patterns that continue to the back and side of tops. Aren't cranes supposed to be good luck?

  7. Man, everyone wore a key today! Was there something in the air or what?

  8. Thanks, Chris!

    Nurmisur, thank you.

    Wendy, I'd love to have time I have a spare $5K, I'll order one. ;)

    Northmoon, thanks, and welcome! Are cranes good luck? I have no idea.

    Sher, isn't it? I love it.

    Tina, I know! It's so weird.


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