Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Do You Mean, It's 29 Degrees Out?

Unless I'm going to be outside, I don't really factor the weather into my wardrobe planning for work days.
Hence the sweater, lined pencil skirt, lined wool-blend jacket. Hey, at least I'm not wearing nylons!

I based my oufit around the fabulous shoes. Since I turned my ankle last night - did I mention I'm a klutz? - I wanted to wear low heels. The shoes are trimmed in a grassy green, with brown and black zebra, and the sparkly decoration.

The green is much more green than this - the top photo is more accurate. I photograph my accessories on top of a shelf about 3 feet closer to the den's window, and it's amazing how the light leaches the colour out of things. For example, the burgundy shoes I wore yesterday look bright red in the "stuff" shot (Alison, you called it - they ARE burgundy).

That's my new Fossil ring up there (complete with bandaid, because it's too big) - click to enlarge. I waited for that to get marked down for ages - it started out around $45, and I got it for around $5. It's a knuckle buster, for sure, but I love the brown metal and the dome shape of it. The earrings are vintage clip-ons, and the necklace is one of my Grandma J's vintage pieces from the 50s.

Suit jacket (Kenzie), sweater (INC, thrifted), skirt (Kensie), belt (Plum), shoes (Hale Bob), necklace (Lisner, Grandma J's, 1950s), earrings (vintage), ring (Fossil).


  1. those shoes are gorgeous and i do like them paired with the grassy green color.

  2. Is that a crown I see on those fabulous shoes???

  3. You look fantastic!THose shoes are really awesome.

  4. I love your ponyhair shoes. I have a pair that are similar and I find that I almost fall every time I wear them. I've finally determined that it's the heel height and shape. I walk like I am in flats b/c they are so low, but my feet slide out from under me on hard floors. Do you have similar issues?

  5. Hi Sheila! I love your shoes!!!

  6. Think I lost my comment--but said hi Sheila and love the shoes!

  7. Thanks, FashionAddict!

    Wendy, thanks.

    Eednic - thank you.

    Sal, yes, that is a crown.

    Nurmisur, thanks so much.

    Tina, I haven't found that with kitten heels, although I do find if the heel is not centred properly that you can lose your footing easily. I walk the same in flats as with heels: heel-toe. Maybe you need some grips stuck onto the soles?

    Thanks, Karen! Your comment disappears for my approval.


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