Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Toasty in Turquoise

Another day of sweltering weather - up to 34 degrees, with humidity making it feel like 38. My deck thermometer shows 35 right now and it's 8:16pm. Yikes.

I went for cooler clothes today:
New-to-me shoes are the featured item. I just did a simple embellished tank (I do like my sparkly), with my old favourite skirt that I've worn a million times.

Please ignore the hair as I am fresh out of the shower after an exhausting dragon boating practice of two hours. I'm wiped.

The stuff:
The shoes are so cute - they were under $20 - and I love that they are leather and have that adorable kitten heel.

Speaking of kitties...
Digging for carpet mice - it's Inigo! Cutest kitty ever!

Extra special bonus: this is what I wear around the house (although I will be barefoot), and will shortly be getting groceries in:
That is Inigo I'm holding - he's giving me "I love you" bumps on the side of my head. Yes, he is a massive cat.

Top: Tank (Reitman's), skirt (Mexx), shoes (Ann Marino, consignment), bracelets (gift shop, vacation), earrings (gift from L). Bottom: t-shirt (Kensie), skirt (Gap).


  1. Awww Indigo is so cute!

    How do you always manage to have the perfect shoes for your outfits?

  2. Before I got to your comment under the last photo I was thinking, "Is that a big cat or what?!"

  3. Ooo, so pretty even in the heat! Your "round the house wear" is much cuter than I do. How's the dragon boating going?

    Inigo is a big cat! Very cute though!

  4. What a gorgeous pattern on that skirt!

  5. I love this skirt so much! Every time you wear it, I want to have one of my very own. It's so cute and perfect for this hot weather.
    And that cat is big! But that just means he's well loved :)

  6. Want the shoes, and the kitty! I hav a HUGE cat too, they are so cuddly.

  7. love the shoes indeed! that flower is too cute :D

  8. Hillary, he's adorable, isn't he? Did I ever mention I have 73 pairs of shoes? It's not hard to find the right shoes when you have that many, believe me.

    Wendy, he's my big ol' bub.

    Alison, thank you. I try to look half decent for L around the house. Dragon boating is awesome - race next weekend! Yes, Inigo is large - and he's lost weight.

    Thanks, Sal!

    Thanks, Chris, I'm trying!

    Kaylyn, thank you - I do love it. It's one of the most flexible pieces in my wardrobe, easily. Inigo gets lots of love.

    Lesa, ha! So you know what it's like - big cats are wonderful.

    TTS, thanks!

  9. Your around the house skirt is fab! It looks so cute and so comfy all at the same time.

  10. Thanks, Tina! I really make an effort to look half decent around the house - it's important to look as good for your significant other as it is to look good for strangers out in the world.


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