Thursday, July 23, 2009

Green and Groovy

I told Tina I loved her "pirate sleeves" and that I would emulate them today:
Yar! These sleeves be puffy!

I love this dress - it is like wearing jammies to work. Since it was a bit cooler today (and since I've seen people wearing boots in the summer), I dragged out my favourite boots from the back of the closet, tossed in the grommet belt and the loopy earrings and I'm feeling groovy.

The stuff:

Yup, that's stuff.

Dashing off to Book Club! Up for discussion: "Three Day Road". Next book on deck is my choice (insert evil cackling here): "Snuff" by Chuck Palahniuk. Heh, I love doing different books. Over the years, I've also chosen "Fanny Hill" (download here for free) and the graphic novel "V for Vendetta". I get bored of reading the same Book Club Edition novels and Oprah picks. Bah!

Dress (I.N.C.), boots (Cougar), belt (gift from Ruth), earrings (don't remember).


  1. Yea!!! for jammies at work LOL! Certainly doesn't look like jammies. Love that green color and the pattern gives it a mod vibe.

  2. gorgeous dress! it's very flattering on you! both the style and the color!

  3. Oh, you sassy minx! Love that dress on you.

  4. I love green and black together, especially in a fun, swirly pattern! Great outfit all around (I WISH I could pull my boots out, but I would probably melt the second I stepped outside. Sigh).

  5. Sher, that's the secret, shhhh.

    Thanks, MM!

    Eednic, thanks!

    Sal, ha, thank you! Love your new icon photo.

    watergirl, me too! Thank you.

    Thanks, Wendy!

  6. It's a puffy sleeve kind of week! Thanks for putting an extra smile on my face.

    That dress looks amazing on you!!

  7. It sure is, Tina! Glad to have made you smile. I talked in pirate slang all day too - drove my coworkers batty, heh heh. Thanks so much!


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