Wednesday, November 19, 2008

All About the Colour

Every so often when I'm choosing the week's outfits, my eye lights on an item and I think, "I haven't worn this for a while. I need to wear this!" The acid yellow (if you want to get technical, it's called zinc chromate) cardigan was The Thing I Had to Wear.

I also hadn't worn my new teal blue cami yet, and hey, didn't that look like a great colour combo? What bottom do they go with? Why, my go-to skirt, old Mrs. Tweedy. And let's throw in some red shoes (but a muted red, to go with the other muted, not-quite bright colours), and an orange necklace, shall we?
Could have been a dog's breakfast, but I lucked out. I was freezing all day, though. Must remember: long sleeves in Fall/Winter, Sheila!

The shoes are going to get replaced at some point. They are just a smidge too big and I tend to step out of them when I'm wearing them.

Heh, I was being circled by the sharks while doing my picture:
Feed us!

A shot of the accessories:
A good look at the tweed skirt too. See all the nice colours in there?
Cardigan (Jacob), camisole (RW & Co.), skirt (Kenzie), belt (Plum), shoes (Le Chateau), necklace & earrings (Plum), nylons (Hue).


  1. Wow -- what a great combination of colors! Unexpected but totally works perfect together. And I'm VERY jealous of your lovely tweed skirt....I'm still searching for the perfect one :)

  2. Love, Love, LOVE the tweed skirt! I have been dying to get one! And what better color combo than with that beautiful yellow!?

    I think tweed looks so retro and old fashioned... I LOVE it!


  3. Tweed skirts are can match anything to them. And you do, and do it so well! Love this look.

  4. Love the colors! So lady-like and they look great on you! And that tweed skirt is too darling!

  5. Thanks, ladies! I am so glad I bought this skirt. It's over a year old now, but I still get a ton of use out of it.


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