Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Boyfriend Cardigan's Back

Okay, I admit it: I am revisiting a fashion that I wore when I was 17 (that would be in 1985 for those of you keeping track of such things). The boyfriend cardigan. I had a black one just like this, that I think I finally gave up about 5 years ago (I wore it for painting and hanging around the house, NOT in public).

I remember wearing it oh, so many ways:
- with one of my dad's white shirts, a slouchy full skirt, a big low belt (which I still have), and red pointy-toe flat lace-ups
- with a black high-waisted satin long skirt (slit really high in the back so you could walk!), Grandma J's copper jewelry, and black satin pumps
- with black stirrup pants (ouch!), an oversized floral shirt, ropes of fake pearls, and white kitten heels.
Hopefully I won't look back on this incarnation of it and cringe like I just did writing those descriptions!

I was pleased overall with this outfit - I was inspired by Angie's post on the boyfriend cardis on You Look Fab. Picked the cardi up at my favourite consignment shop for trade-in for some of my clothes on Sunday. It's a poly/wool/rayon blend - it was lovely and warm.

Cardigan (?, consignment), white ruffle-front top (Pink Martini, consignment), skirt (Nygard Collection, consignment), belt (Plum), hosiery (Hue), shoes (Nine West), triple hoop silver earrings, silver/white glass bead necklace.


  1. I don't think you will look back and cringe. You've found the Holy Grail of the Fashion World - stylish and comfortable - with this look.

  2. Sheila, every time I see one of your outfits I want to go shopping!! This is especially bad since we are in the midst of house renovations and I don't have time, even for shopping!

  3. I've been all about layering today too! I have been tossing around the idea of my next purchase being one of these "boyfriend cardigans"... it looks really cute on you!

    Today I probably would have worn one if I had one... but instead I just stuck with a regular sweater...

    I like this on you - very cute!


  4. I'm relatively new to your blog but have to say I just really adore the outfits you put together. And this one looks great on you too! Oh, and I was 17 in the early 80's as well so I remember those sweaters too :)

  5. Thanks, Jane - here's hoping.

    Mervat, I'm shocked at you, young lady. There's always time for shopping!

    I love the layering look, Katie. It's just so much more interesting to me. I think this will be a good basic cardi for my wardrobe.

    Welcome KLR! Nice to know someone else remembers those days!

    Thanks, ladies, for your kind words.

  6. This look is classic--it definitely won't be cringeworthy in a few years. :) I like the tights with the houndstooth--expected, kind of edgy, and fabulous.

  7. Thanks, Erica. I think you would look fab in houndstooth...time for a shopping trip!


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