Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Grey, Black and Turquoise

I'm having a grey week. My brain is full of minutia (job stuff) when I just want to go for walks and shush my feet through the leaves. I want to make stew and watch movies, but our TV is slowly being overtaken by pixelation/lines on the screen. I want to nap with my cats, then read trashy novels and eat popcorn.

However, while I can do many of these things for brief intervals, the rest of my life calls to me. Ergo, I wear grey.
All the tones don't show up very well. These are multi-tonal grey plaid pants, and the grey of the camisole is a lovely gunmetal shade, not this pukey pinky-grey.
New items from the last shop (I think this is the last of them): turquoise satin blouse (of course, I spilled some of my cereal down the front of it this morning, so walked around with it stained all day), grey cami, faux croc skinny belt.
Must be the full moon...
Jacket (Max Studio, part of a pant suit), blouse (Smart Set), cami (RW & Co.), pants (Vero Moda), belt (Bianca Nygard), shoes (Fluevog), silver/crystal earrings.


  1. What you want to do is exactly my dream day...except I don't have cats. But I would love to curl up with my chihuahua and watch mushy movies and read trashy novels.

    Also, I might be dreaming of your them!

  2. Yes, pet of your choice, of course!

    They are the best. Nothing beats Fluevog.

  3. I would really love to have a day like you just described, trashy novels, mushy movies and i'll replace the pet w/ my darling manfriend. That blue shirt looks great on you.and beautiful color

  4. Thanks, Lady D. I think we all need days like that sometimes.


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