Thursday, November 6, 2008

Turquoise, Black and White

I really liked this outfit -too bad about the hair, but I poured rain all day, and well...this is what a rainhat does to hair!

The turtleneck and jacket are both new items. I tend to buy one or two turtlenecks a season (a black, plus one other colour) since they are such great layering pieces. I scoured the mall to see which store had the cheapest ones, but the best quality cheapest - I got black and turquoise (it's technically teal, since it's more green than blue - yes, that's the difference, I know my colours) at $20 each. Not much point in putting out a big wad of cash on something you're going to wear to death and then replace in year.
I loved the tailoring on the jacket. Good length sleeves, great seaming around the waist, and love that slight peplum and pleats at the back:
Nice detail to have the waistband be angled from the rest of the pattern! And it was only $24.99 on sale!
I had fun mixing up the accessories and picking out the blue and the green in the sweater. A bit of blue in the scarab bug brooch, a bit of irridescent in the bracelet, and a bit of green in the shoes:
Note the pink lining in the jacket! I love those kind of details!
A closer shot of the brooch and bracelet. The brooch was $9.99 at Le Chateau about 4-5 years ago. The bracelet was "liberated" from Mom's jewelry box in the Great Jewelry Raid of 1984.
The bracelet is marked "Coro". I can't find anything similar online, but I'd guess early 60s. Mom, where did you get this from?
Jacket (Smart Set), turtleneck (Smart Set), cropped trousers (Focus 2000), shoes (Fluevog), brooch (Le Chateau), bracelet (Coro, vintage), crystal stud earrings.


  1. I want your jacket! The cinched waist styling is gorgeous. I do the same with turtlenecks, except i this fall i only got black and brown.

  2. I love it - it will be a classic in my wardrobe for a few years, I'm sure.

    Well, those are good basic colours!

  3. I love that scarab pin! You definitely inspire me to find things to wear with my granny's brooches and jewelry...I'm just always so afraid I'll lose them. :/

  4. Thanks, Erica! You can check with a jeweller to see how secure your jewelry is for wearing - many of the old pieces have failsafes (like a chain on bracelets/necklaces that holds them together).

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