Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Purple Velvet

I've had this purple velvet blazer for nearly a year, but I almost never wear it. It's an angled double-breasted style, so it can't be worn unbuttoned. I do love the rich deep purple (which doesn't show up in this picture very well at all. Grr. This is what I get for having a cheap camera...but it's better than no camera. Take my word for it - this is rich purple!
That's my new skirt that I got last weekend. It's that nice faux suede; washable, light and comfortable. I used to have a long-ish skirt in this colour but gave it to Elaine...and wouldn't you know, she was wearing it today! With a purple patterned top! Too funny.

The scarf is one of my treasures. I liberated it dad, back in about 1985-86. I used to wear it in my hair or tied at my neck (either draped or doubled around again so it made sort of a collar). Dad was in a dance band back in the 60s and they all wore matching outfits (hee), and this was part of his "uniform".

A close-up:
It's so soft and pretty. I love all the colours in it - it goes with anything. My dad died over 11 years ago, and I always feel close to him when I wear something of his. *smile*

Forgive the hair - I forgot my mousse today, ha!

Blazer (Jacob), cami (not visible, InWear), skirt (Marc D'Alcy), boots (Roberto Vianni), scarf (Dad's, vintage), big gold hoop earrings.


  1. I love the shape of the jacket and what an amazing scarf and a wonderful story.
    And yes - I would love the pink jacket!

  2. Jane, drop me your email in a comment, so I can get your address. I won't publish the comment.

    Thanks! I love my dad's scarf.

  3. That scarf is GORGEOUS -- and all the more special because of what it means to you. It really sets that outfit off perfectly. I love the skirt...the color, the shape, the length and especially how it looks w/the jacket (I can kinda imagine the shade of purple you described).

    Great outfit (as usual!!)

  4. Thank you for following my blog. I am so excited about this whole thing! Oh, I LOVE that blazer! You could also wear it with a nice pair of black jeans and a knee boot. It's too rich and vibrant to not get more wear!

  5. That's a lovely scarf,and a very sweet story! I gave you the butterfly award on my blog sorry it toom me so long to tell you about it B-D

  6. Thanks, ladies! Nice to see you, Londyn.

    Kayleigh - I will do a better picture of the colour of the jacket next time I wear it.

    HoneyChild - I have done the blazer with boot-cut jeans (and boots), but ages ago. I know, the whole blogging thing is a lot of fun, isn't it?

    Lady D - thank you, I did see that. You're so sweet.

  7. That scarf is just beautiful!!
    I do the same thing when I wear things that have belonged to close family members, especially my grandfather and grandmother who have passed on.
    <3 Purple Velvet


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