Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wardrobe Challenge Week! Here's the Wardrobe

Okay, I've spent hours going through my closet, readying myself for Jane's Wardrobe Challenge! This is going to be hard, especially since I rarely wear the same outfit twice, much less the same items multiple times in one week.

I decided to go with some of my favourite colour combinations: brown, coral and turquoise with gold accents. There will be NO BLACK all week.

Clothing/shoes (10 items only):
1. Brown dress (unknown brand, consignment)
2. Brown plaid pants (Vero Moda)
3. Floral skirt (Mexx)
4. Turquoise turtleneck (Smart Set)
5. Coral sweater (Esprit)
6. Turquoise cardigan (I.N.C.)
7. Denim vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment)
8. Brown jacket (Kensie)
9. Gold shoes (Aerosoles)
10. Brown boots (Roberto Vianni)

Accessories (5 items only):
1. Brown belt
2. Gold hoop earrings
3. Wood/gold necklace
4. Turquoise/red/brown/gold necklace
5. Red bead bracelet

Coat (1 only):
Purple raincoat (London Fog)

Bag (1 only):
Leopard rocker chick bag (Betsyville, Betsy Johnson)

Underwear and hosiery do not count; neither do the clothes I wear to walk to and from work; neither does my knapsack that I use while walking; and neither do my scarf, gloves or hat that I may require during said walking.

All that stuff is essential and I'm not giving up a piece of clothing or a necklace so that I can stop my fingers from turning blue. It's only 3 degrees in the mornings (that's in the mid/high 30s for you Americans) - too cold! I will also be wearing scarf/gloves with my coat when I go out on Monday night, and on Friday (when I don't walk to work).

I am including an extra outfit to make this extra challenging: we're going out for dinner with my best friend and her man to a chi-chi restaurant on Monday night. However, I am NOT including the formal event we are attending on Friday night, as it calls for a long gown. No way could I work that!

Deep breath: here goes!


  1. It all sounds exciting. I can't wait to hear the reaction form your workmates.
    And as for temperatures - it didn't reach 2 degrees all day yesterday here and worse is to come.
    Let the challenge begin!

  2. Cool! I am so looking forward to see your outfits.

  3. I love the sounds of those colors together -- can't wait to see it!

  4. I'll be excited to see what you put together! And you're justified with the gloves, etc...if it were that cold here I'd have on a parka.

  5. I'm so excited, chicks! Day 1 - Day and Evening - are coming up!


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