Monday, November 24, 2008

Blue Monday

I had a wee shopping trip on the weekend, so as usual, this week's outfits will feature the new things. I'm off on Thursday and Friday, so there won't be any Work Outfits those days. Although it isn't Thanksgiving up in Canada, I am a passionate NFL football fan, so I'm sitting home and watching TV all day. Yee haw!

Right. Enough of that. Found this top on the clearance rack at the Bay for $17.99 plus 40% off. The regular price was $99.00. Crazy!
I wore the velvet blazer done up all day, since the top is rather drapey without some waist definition. I'll probably do it with a belt at some point.
I like the "faux necklace" look of the decoration. A close-up:
I love those shoes, too.
Blazer (RW & Co.), top (Nygard Collection), pants (Vero Moda), shoes (Seychelles), gold filigree earrings.


  1. It isn't Thanksgiving in Canada?! I didn't know that! How sad! I'll eat an extra slice of turkey for you!

  2. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so we've already had it.

  3. I love the detailing on that gorgeous! And those shoes really echo the embelishment nicely, too.

    I did know it's only T-day in the USA, but I didn't know Canada had it's own Thanksgiving. So I guess happy belated T-day greetings are in order, lol!

    Enjoy the games in either case :)

  4. Thanks, Kayleigh.

    It's a similar holiday (we have turkey with the family, pumpkin pie, etc.), but it's got nothing to do with Indians or pilgrims.

  5. Those shoes=amazing. And with the wedge I bet they're comfortable too!

  6. Sheila!! i love that shirt and the shoes...i think i will run to canada and steal them from you.

  7. Erica - I'll have to do a rear shot of the blue shoes. They are a wedge...but from the back, they look like a stiletto. It's a really narrow heel.

    Lady D - you're so funny! That's a long run...I'm north of Seattle!


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