Sunday, November 16, 2008

Casual Friday - Grey Labcoat

Two days later and I can barely remember what I wore on Friday. Must've had some denim in it, since it was casual Friday...oh, there's the picture. Riiiiight.

Eh, this is okay. I do love the skinnies, but they are so low-waisted and I can't be bothered to buy another pair. I just didn't want any plumber's butt going on, so I went with the long jacket. It's been so long since I just wore flats to work that I felt totally short all day!

I also forgot both my keycard and my wallet on Friday so I ended up having lunch at my desk (thank god for envelopes of porridge!).

You know, considering I had a pretty craptastic week, I managed to look okay nearly every day. This is why wardrobe planning rules! Every Sunday, I spend about 45 minutes choosing what I'm going to wear for the week (although Friday is a little hit and miss, since I don't usually bother planning my casual outfits. Then, each morning, I pick which outfit I feel like wearing. It's going to be mostly skirts this week.

Jacket (Ricki's), cashmere purple sleeveless top (Daniel Bishop, consignment), jeans (Jacob), fishnet kneehighs (ancient, no clue), grey snakeskin flats (Feet First), bead/charm bracelet (silent auction), filigree silver hoops.


  1. There's a couple of terms that you've used here that I must immediately appropriate - 'plumber's butt' & 'craptastic'. Wonderful
    Also, I admire your Wardrobe Forward Planning. I think it's a great idea. Maybe I should try.

  2. I take credit for craptastic, but plumber's butt is pretty common up here.

    Planning takes all the "What do I wear??" stress out of the week. It's worth it!


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