Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Closet and an Overhaul

I started cleaning out my closet on Friday night, wanting to get to my boots that were buried in the back corner. I realized that I still had the bulk of my summer shoes out, and well, I needed to put them away till warmer weather. I also picked up some more storage boxes a few weeks ago, and hadn't put them to use yet.

I pulled everything out, archived some of the things I don't use anymore, but that are too nice or sentimental to toss. Tucked the summer shoes underneath and in back, and hauled out the party shoes that had been languishing under the skirts. Ah, it felt good to see them again.

Just out of curiousity, I counted the shoes and boots...70 pairs, exactly. I have 70 pairs of shoes. That's just too many. I have to stop. In fact, I think I have finally got a full wardrobe again. Done.

Jane over at workthatwardrobe has inspired me: as of January 1st, I decided I'm going to stop. The "one in/one out" rule will be in place, and no new clothes: only used or consignment clothes and shoes (still on the "one in/one out" rule), and only socks, underwear and workout clothes are going to be new.

One year. Just to see if I can do it. Gift certificates will be spent on accessories or jewelry. Gifts to me (especially of Fluevogs) won't count, and of course, I can buy clothing for other people.

Some shots of my nice cleaned-out closet:
Skirts and jackets:
Vintage floppy hats and shoes:
The long hang, for my dresses. Some vintage stuff tucked in at the end on most of the hanging sections:
Above the dresses are the storage boxes, and the summer purse collection. Yes, that's a feather boa. They are very warm in the winter with a long gown.
My evening purses and my sweaters (not folded all that well!).
Funky purses and on-the-go hats.
Dressy hats:
The bottom half of the "tower of power":
The Fluevog row:
Evening shoes at the very top:
Flats on the bottom:
Othello and Inigo helped:
The summer shoes going into storage:
Inigo helps me sort out the boots:
The boots (I forgot I had 4 pairs!):
Whew! That feels better!
I also gave the ol' blog a re-do, going for some colours that are more "me".


  1. I am so jealous. That is not a closet, that's a room.
    There are two things at the top of my (sad person's) wish-list.
    1. Utility Room
    2. A walk-in wardrobe or as you call it, a "closet."
    Good Luck.

  2. Congratulations both on what seems to have been a mammoth task (clearing your wardrobe) and for making the pledge to not buy any more new clothes as of Jan 1st 2009! I imagine it takes alot of courage to do this. You will have my support every step of the way (I am considering starting my own fashion blog and who knows, I may make the same pledge!). In the mean time Sheila, keep shopping!

  3. Nice job. I love to see there are others who love shoes as much as I do.

  4. You're so right, Jane - the closet could easily be turned into another bathroom (since we only have one), but no way I'm ever going to give it up!

    Thanks, mervat. I'm shopping like mad in anticipation of the long drought.

    Alison, a lot of my shoes come from my heavier days, since shoes always was too depressing to shop for clothes back then, so I'd always come home with shoes. Of course, I have also bought a LOT since then...

  5. Wow! I love your closet! And your

  6. By the way, i dig the new look of the blog, i almost thought i clicked on the wrong

  7. I love it that I am not the only one to post about re-organizing my closet! Good job girl. You have a wonderful collection!

  8. Thanks, Lady D!

    Hey, Londyn - I'm not a super tidy person, but I have this compulsion every 6 months or so to really go through things and purge. It feels so good.

  9. What a fabulous closet! I envy your shelving. And how kind of your cats to be so helpful. :) Sometimes Lester helps with the "one in/one out" rule by eating a random shoe.

  10. I had the closet custom-built a couple of years ago - it used to be just awful. Only 2 long shelves and 2 long poles. A complete wasted space.

    Inigo pulls the linings out of my shoes. Little bugger.

  11. I will steal your closet...if i could:)okay , just the boots and bags.


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