Monday, August 4, 2008

Casual Friday - Zipper Skirt

Blue cami (Plum), black sleeveless t (Jacob), grey zipper-front skirt (Kensie, consignment), grey cropped jacket (Guess), grey faux snakeskin flats (Feet First), triple hoop silver earrings.
Friday. Tired again. As it was still chilly, I ended up wearing the jacket all day.
I really like this skirt, but the front of it zips all the way from the hem to the waist (and vice versa). It has a tendency to - UNZIP! - while I'm bending over, picking something up or sitting down, so I have to watch out for it.

Flats for Friday:
Happy toes, happy Sheila.


  1. I love those shoes. How did you get on with the zip?

  2. I was very careful - the zip stayed zipped, thank god! I did whack my leg on a coworker's file cart, though. Owie. Big bruise. I'm kind of accident prone.


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