Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Meditation on Brown - Brown, Lace and Turquoise

Turquoise jacket (consignment, Gap), brown satin blouse (Esprit), cream cami (Vero Moda), brown lace pencil skirt (Planet), Cruise Ship Shoes (Franco Sarto), leopard belt (Plum), gold filigree earrings).
As you know, I love brown and turquoise together - it has to be one of the best colour combinations out there. So, as I was matching up stuff for brown-based outfits, of course, I pulled my new favourite jacket into this ensemble. The brown satin blouse is the new purchase. I always get cold at work (even in the summer), so I wore the jacket for most of the day, but I had a contingency plan in case I got warm:
Voila! Transformed into another outfit, just by untucking and belting the blouse! I resisted doing the leopard pumps with this - grrr, it was hard! But I thought the Cruise Ship Shoes worked better, since the light tan picked up that same colour in the belt and the stitching on the jacket.


  1. What a fantastic combo and so many possibilities in one day. That shape really suits you.
    Thanks for your welcome back on my blog. I have missed all my blogging friends.

  2. So glad to have you back!

    Thanks, I really liked this combo - I think it will look good with brown pants as well.

  3. Sassy Outfit Madame!
    I really like both looks, and you know how much i like outfits that multitask.

  4. Thanks! We are all about the multitasking. :D


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