Saturday, August 9, 2008

Casual Friday - Some Green Stuff Going On

Taupe cropped jacket (Le Chateau), green t-shirt (Nepean), jean pencil skirt (Smart Set), psychedelic shoes (some hair salon on vacation), gold disc earrings (Plum).
The usual "I'm tired" shot in the morning, this time with a bit of 'tude going on.
I went easy on the accessories on Friday because Elaine and I were going shopping and I didn't want to deal with a necklace or bracelet if I was trying stuff on. We didn't end up doing that much shopping - I had to buy a gift for a baby shower then we went for dinner.
I love these shoes, but the heels are starting to wear out already! The rubber is cracking off. This displeases me. Grr.

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