Monday, August 25, 2008

A Meditation on Brown: Casual Monday - With Turquoise and Red

Brown/turquoise/red pattern blouse (Mexx), denim pencil skirt (Smart Set), brown belt with shiny gold buckle (Plum), turquoise shoes (Jeffrey Campbell), red bead bracelet, gold disc earrings.

I'm doing brown as a theme this week, exploring some of the many ways it works in my wardrobe (okay, I bought a lot of stuff with brown in it during my shopping trip, so I'm showing it off). I've always been a fan of this nice rich, chocolately brown, and it lends itself well as a neutral.

Today: with turquoise and red, one of my very favourite combinations.
I fell in love with this blouse (the tailoring on it is fab), not even realizing that it's the exact same pattern as my white patterned Mexx skirt that I bought months ago! Check it out:
It looks totally different with a brown background!

A close-up of the accessories:
I know the pink leather interior of the shoes clashes something awful, but they are just so fantastic. Repeating the red bead bracelet from Friday.


  1. ooh Sheila, Very Cute outfit!
    Love the shirt, and the accesories really make the outfit pop!

  2. Thanks! It is one of those outfits that looks much better in person - I couldn't get it to look right in the picture.


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