Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Blue and Yellow Silk

Blue silk sweater (I.N.C.), yellow patterned silk skirt (Kenzie), crystal chain belt, crystal dangle earrings, silver flats (Nicole).

Man, my hair is just sucking royally lately - I hate this growning out stage. I'm getting it cut next Friday - I hope Lucy can save me from Dorothy Hamill hell.

I just felt like wearing this skirt today - it's such a luscious shade of buttery yellow and I love the pattern and bling. Close up of the pattern, along with the belt:
Brown, two shades of turquoise, that nice Easter egg purple and little sequins & crystals. Gorgeous. And I have the only one like it, since it's a sample and they never made any more. Wee!

Ruth, thanks for all the comments - I'm still trying to find them all. Damn this blog for not telling me what post the comments belong to.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments Sheila!! And I adore your skirt, its so colorful,and i'm digging that yellow and blue combo, it looks great on you :o)

  2. I hate growing hair out too! I am also at that "can't stand it" stage.

    I love that skirt though! Very pretty.

  3. Hey, *lady d*, welcome! I love your blog.

    Thanks, ladies, for your kind words. Londyn, I'm glad I'm not alone in my hair hell. ;)


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