Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Casual Tuesday - Yellow and Green

Yellow cardigan (Jacob), green cami (Esprit), leopard belt (Plum), denim poufy skirt (Jacob), leopard peep-toe flats (Expressions, The Bay), yellow crystal earrings (Plum), brass charm bracelet (Plum).

How I love civic holidays! Yesterday was BC Day (as in British Columbia, this lovely province), so we had a long weekend, which I richly deserved after slaving away for the past few weeks. I did nothing all weekend, except read, watch movies and paint figures. It was lovely.

I decided to go plain and simple with today's outfit.
Comfy cottons, a loose skirt, flat shoes and the loudest piece of jewelry I've ever had. The guilty party, yer honour:
Pretty! Lovely brass and green enamel and beads and yikes, I sound like a one-man band with this thing on my wrist! But so pretty. The locket even opens. Whose picture should I put in it? The kitties' pictures? My ever-so-patient husband, L? Spongebob Squarepants?


  1. good thing you didn't wear that bracelet on grumpy monday! lol

    i vote for AC


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