Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Consignment Week: Lah-Di-Da

Fitted denim blazer (Bisou Bisou, Michelle Bohbot, consignment), baby blue sequined cami (Esprit), silk velvet square pattern mid-length skirt (Banana Republic, consignment), silver booties (BCBGirls, Winners), double strand pearl necklace with rhinestone/silver clasp (Grandma J.), rhinestone stud earrings.
I like this outfit quite a bit - I love how slim my waist looks in this blazer! The blazer and skirt are the two featured items, but really, I like everything I'm wearing.

The blazer is beautifully tailored, with just a touch of spandex for stretch. I have never heard of this label, but after a Google search I see that it's sold at JC Penny in the US - someone must have done a little cross-border shopping. I paid $13 for it.

I adore the skirt (it was about $25) - it was so comfortable all day, and so soft. I do love silk velvets (velvet is a weave and can be made from cotton, polyester blends and silk, for example). Silk velvets have a much looser drape than cotton velvets, which are quite stiff. I like the large block pattern, although I don't have a lot of colours that go with this. I'm looking forward to wearing this skirt with boots for fall/winter. We don't have Banana Republic here, so again, someone my size has been shopping in the States!

I'm not sure if I've ever worn these shoes for the blog before. I got them at Winners last fall. Are they a bootie? Are they a shoe? I just can't tell! Nice scuff marks, Sheila. And the perfect necklace with this was Grandma J's double strand of pearls (not real pearls, just pretty costume ones). The clasp is a nice touch. This was left in the jumble after everyone picked over her jewelry. No brand stamp. Kind of looks like Coro, though.
Nice close look at the skirt texture (it reminds me of snow), the sequin trim on the cami, and the stitching on the jacket.

Tomorrow: Le Chateau bustier top.


  1. No Banana Republic here ... VERY touchy subject with me. AND the website doesn't ship to Canada.

    Thankfully we don't have to go all the way to the States though--there's one in Vancouver.

    Road trip?

  2. ROAD TRIP! We must also do H&M. And Fluevog!

  3. I like the sophisticated look of this outfit and I. LOVE. THESE. SHOES!!

  4. Thanks, I love the shoes too - they kill my feet (I have Dr. Scholl's insoles in almost all of my shoes) so I don't wear them too much.


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