Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Red, Brown and Dress

Red, brown, cream patterned dress (Connections, Winners), straw/faux croc peep-toe shoes (Roberto Vianni, The Bay), wood bracelet & earrings (Oscar & Libby's), red bead bracelet (Plum).
It's late (after 7 by the Dolphins clock, I see) and I'm tired. I really didn't feel like putting this back on after I got all hot and sweaty from walking home after working late yet again.

But I did. Normally I wouldn't wear my bare shoulders exposed for work, but everyone is off on holidays and it's still casual month. Plus, it was bloody hot today.

Love these shoes. I think of them as my Cruise Ship Shoes because they remind me of going on vacation far away.
Fresh pedicure, not yet chipped or worn off at the toes from my soccer boots. I had to put this picture up, since someone has managed yet again to get into the shot. See the white paw behind my heel?
A close-up of the jewelry. I felt well-accessorized today. I love this bead bracelet.
I like the mix of browns/neutrals with the red. One of my favourite combos.


  1. Great mix of colours and accessories. I love a pedicure there are so many footwear possibilities with nice toes!

  2. Thanks! I always feel so good after I've done my toes.

  3. i LOVE the bracelet and shoes ... the dress, not so much. you're too young and hot for that dress imo

  4. Really? I quite like it, but it is pretty limited for accessories. It will only get worn in the summer, too.


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