Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casual Wednesday - Denim and Purple

Long grey jacket (Ricki's), purple ruffle front blouse (Esprit), jeans (Esprit), purple shoes (Bronx), black/silver bracelet and earrings.

Do I look tired? I am tired.
Not a lot of effort in the outfit. I wanted to wear this blouse, which is sleeveless, so I needed a jacket. Due to the ruffly-front nature of the blouse, I chose this jacket. Then the jeans, and of course, being the matchy-matchy chick I am, gotta do the purple shoes. Ta dah!

I love these shoes. These are my Ruth shoes, since we have the same ones. Nice texture on the jacket and good buttons - pretty good quality for Ricki's.
Note to self: go to bed earlier than 1am on a weeknight.


  1. *Sheila*
    Simple but elegant outfit!
    Your purple shoes are HAUTE!
    I'm a little jealous of them right Where'd you get them?

  2. Thanks, *lady d*!

    I got the shoes at an Aldo outlet in Vancouver in May - I was kind of surprised to find Bronx shoes at Aldo, but hey, not complaining. I believe they were around $40-50.


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