Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Meditation on Brown: With Pattern and Black

Black shrug (Debut), patterned sleeveless blouse (I.N.C.), brown pants (Mac & Jac), red peeptoe platforms (Le Chateau), gold hoop earrings, hammered gold cuff.
Featured items: the new shrug and the brown pants.

I do love a shrug - they are indispensable (especially in black) for wearing with sleeveless shirts, blouses and sweaters for work, as well as strappy dresses for evening, when you don't want to wear a strapless bra or show your shoulders (not appropriate in the workplace most of the time). I had a black shrug a few years ago, but it was given away when I lost weight as it was too big.

The brown pants are a beautiful fit - they are a nice crepe weave with some stretch to them. They do hang a bit low, though, so I'm going to have to wear a belt with them. They replace my old brown pants that were a purchase prior to losing the last 10 pounds - gave 'em to Ruth.

I adore this blouse - it is an extravagant purchase for me, being pure silk and not washable, but I watched until it went on final clearance at the Bay & managed to snag it (the last one was in my size! Woo!) for around $26. Regular price was $78, I think. Considering I have to dry clean it (boo, hiss) every few wears, I'm not paying full price.


  1. And Ruth thanks you again very much for the pants! .... although I could swear they were brown .... hmmmmm ;-)

    You should do a poll on bare shoulders in the workplace:
    1) Never ever ever!
    2) Of course! This is 2008!!
    3) Depends on the workplace.

  2. Hey, Ruth!

    That's a good poll - but I don't like the polls on this site; they're weird.

    Oops, small typo there...must fix.


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