Thursday, July 31, 2008

Red Gypsy

Red cashmere blend sweater (Tobias, Plum), gypsy skirt (consignment, vacation), blue wedge shoes (Seychelles, Winners), gold earrings (boutique, vacation), gold/cream bangles (boutique, vacation).
I am really slacking in the creativity department this week. Skirt + sweater + shoes + basic accessories = okay outfit. Oh well. I still look better than 90% of the people I see out on the street, haha.

It's been rainy and cold for a couple of days, so I broke out a sweater...and I was still cold! Damn. And I've closed all the windows. I even put on my Ewok sweater last night. No, it's not a sweater with an Ewok on it, it's a gigantic long wool sweater - L says I look like a bag lady in it.


  1. I think you look good in this outfit. I have been sleeping with my fleece sweater, so I can totally relate to being cold.

  2. Thanks, Jane and Xine! Yes, I hate that it's so cold in the freakin' summer that I have to get my sweater out.


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