Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Consignment Week: Neutrals with a Pop of Red

Grey tone patterned blouse (H&M, consignment), black pinstriped vest (Oxmo, Plum), purply-grey trousers (Club Monaco, consignment), red patent leather sling back kitten heels (Aldo), silver & stone necklace (Melanie Lynne), triple silver hoop earrings.
I feel like Annie Hall. I had mixed reactions on this outfit today: Ruth was "meh" and Nicole was "cute!" I like Nicole's opinion better (nyah, Ruth, haha). I like that these neutrals (the blouse, vest and pants) all go together, then the nice pop of red with the shoe, and girly touches with the necklace & earrings.

The blouse and pants are the feature items from the consignment shop - the blouse was one of the 1/2 price items, so around $8 and the pants were about $25. The blouse is lovely and silky - but washable! - and I always love finding an H&M piece here since the nearest H&M is in Vancouver (grumble).

The pants were a real find - I'm only 5'4" so finding pants that are not miles too long, but also not petite (I'm a little tall for petite pants, I guess I have long legs even though I'm short), is really tricky. And finding a pair that are from Club Monaco! Gold, baby! These are the perfect length for flats -I've been looking for this length for ages. And considering that regular price Club Monaco pants are around the $125 range, I'm pretty happy.

Tomorrow: denim blazer and velvet skirt.


  1. Everyone needs one or two friends who will say it exactly like it is, don't you think? I know I have one ... hmmmm, what's her name again .... ;-)


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