Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sheila Figs - Odds and Ends

I have a serious backlog of pictures to post - I'm going to try to get them up today so that I will only have newer pictures hereon in.

This is a female dwarf fighter that I just fell in love with: I really like how she turned out. I like the skin and the folds of the cloth came out well.
Lots of good detail on her.

I call this the "Inigo pony" - it's a horse-type creature and I matched its markings to my cat, Inigo, right down to his pink nose and toes.
Comparison of Inigo:The shading on this piece is good. The elf girl is kind of weird-looking. Nice fur bikini. How can you tell that men create these figures?
Crazy frog demon:
Another one of the first floor polish pieces I did. I really like the pattern on his skin. I am really pleased with his details; they look just right to me.
A really old piece! I did this one probably close to 10 years ago - it's about 15 cm tall. This is a limited edition figure (1551 of 5000, I think that says). It's a 5-headed dragon (Tahkesis, if you geek out on those sorts of things), and I did the entire thing without any putty, which meant I had to dry-fit all those necks onto the body perfectly and carve them until they fit right. The belly part is hollow so I put a little time-capsule in there; who I was, when I painted it, etc. I guess if this piece breaks next time we move, I can fix it. I like the idea of having that little surpise in there.
This one's recent. Evil fighter with owl helmet. He's an old figure, though - I've had him for about 10 years before he finally hit the painting table.
Not very exciting to paint.
The folds on the cloak are good.
This is one of my favourite dragon figures that I've done. I love the colours on it. This is a fire dragon with rider. I started by painting the entire dragon black and then brushing with dark red, orange, yelow and a bit of white to bring the colours and detail up on it.
Hee, I like the rider's seat.
A close-up of the head:

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