Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sheila Figs - Finished Bard Girl with Crow

Bard Girl with Crow:

Here she is, all sanded and primered. I like to get the skin on right away. This is one of the few chick figures I have that doesn't have humongous boobs; they're pretty rare.
My least favourite stage: blocking in the colours. Blah.
Chose her hair colour, brushed over the chainmail at her midsection and neckline, filled in some of the base with the same colour as her hair.
This is the start of the highlighting. I did her pants a couple of shades darker than her top, but used the same highlight mixes (about 5-6) on both parts. The mandolin is highlighted and the leather details are painted in and highlighted. Some of the cloak layers have been done. The crow and the boots are done with highlights and the cream undershirt she's wearing is finished.
And finally, here she is! A long session later...finished the cloak's lowlights and added some more highlights, painted the sword, did her skin and face, highlighted the hair, blacklined all the edges and did a brushing and highlighting on the base, followed by a slight black wash (leftover blackline).
My favourite stage is all the fine detail that really makes a piece come alive. I painted her lips and eyes (and the crow's eyes), did her gold jewelry and gold inlays on the mandolin and the gemstones.

A shot of the back. I'm pleased with how the cloak turned out.Next up: a big scary demon!

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