Saturday, May 24, 2008

Casual Friday - Safari & Red

Wrap jungle print t-shirt (Jacob), red cotton ribbed cami (Plum), jeans (Esprit), red patent platform sandals (Bronx, Winners), gold chain bracelet (Jones New York, The Bay), gold dangly multihoop earrings.
Haircut after work, visit at mom's to see visiting uncle & aunt (hi, Brian and Joan!), then off to have drinks with friends. So this is what I wore yesterday. It was sunny and warm and I just love these those. Unfortunately, they don't love me. One of the hazards of patent leather is that it's hard and sharp against my poor skin. By the time I got home from the hairdresser's, I had a total of 5 bandaids on my ankles.

But damned if they aren't the most awesome looking shoes:
Love them!


  1. Those are some pretty fancy red shoes my dear. Hope your feet have recovered. Thinking of you, XINE

  2. All recovered! But it will be a while before I wear them again! Good to see you!

  3. Why is one of your pant legs so much shorter than the other????

  4. Ruth, you so silly. I'm pulling up the pantleg to show the shoes...duh!! ;)


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