Monday, April 17, 2023

Jungle Blazer and Sneaky Stripes

This is my first Monday at work in three weeks, but I need not have worried. It was a quiet day.
I showed my outfit off to a few of my lovely colleagues. 

  • Blazer - Zara, consignment; last worn here in August 2022 over the Dress of a Thousand Nipples
  • Silk top - Rag & Bone, store exclusive, thrifted; purchased here for $24.99
  • Culottes - Adidas, consignment, Vancouver; purchased here for $34.99
  • Shoes - Effortless Bebe, Fluevog; last seen here in September 2022 with roses and sunny yellow
  • Coat (below) - Terry Lewis, thrifted; last worn here on a snowy day in February

I also brought my newly-thrifted Versace jeans (these ones) to work to see if they would fit my coworker Camille. They didn't, but they were a perfect fit on my awesome work-friend Carol, who was thrilled to get such a badass pair of designer pants for $20 (I accept the 5 cent profit). She was thrilled - she's never owned a designer piece before and is pro-secondhand anything. 
Speaking of secondhand, aside from the shoes and one ring, this outfit is entirely consignment or thrifted.

I built this outfit around these sneakily striped Adidas culottes - they feel like sports jersey material. Very thick, but also swooshy.  
I started to explain all the types of women's cropped pants to one of my colleagues - I quickly stopped when his eyes glazed over. I forget not everyone cares about knickers, culottes, gauchos, pedal pushers, clam-diggers, and Capris. I could go on...

Another boxy blazer from my collection - this one has a jungle print. 
I usually pick the blues and pinks out in the pattern. 

What a shocker - I did it again. This new-to-me top has been waiting to be featured too - I found it months ago and stashed it away. 
It didn't like being under a blazer very much - the neckline shifted around - so I'll likely wear it more in the heat of summer.

Outerwear - windy, sunny, cloudy, spitty rain. 
Sometimes all at once! It's classic Leather Weather.

I am glad I still have some warm bits out!  

  • Cashmere beret - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Scarf - Missoni for Target, consignment
  • Leather gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
I'm always happy to get these shoes back in my closet. You'll see them frequently this season. 

Bold bling: 
The blazer has pearl buttons on the cuffs, but I decided not to overdo the pearls (this time). 

  • Bracelet - thrifted, Powell River
  • Hinged cuff - Swarovski, consignment, gift from L
  • Earrings - consignment
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes
  • Amethyst/silver ring - vintage mall
  • Kyanite ring - consignment

I had a lot of armour on! 


  1. Men and their trousers and shorts, they just don't get "our" wealth of choices, do they?
    The secret culottes sit very well under the snazzy blazer and that gold mac continues to bring joy.
    I'm glad the Versace jeans found a new home with Carole. xxx

  2. If we didn’t know those were culottes we wouldn’t guess because they drape like a skirt and don’t appear to have any bulk around the medial area. Another nice fitting bold blue top, yay! I am such a fan of the color. :)

    And another yay for a second hand pair of pants finding a new home, from store to you to Carole.
    Cheers, Laurie

  3. You are definitely the Queen of all Fashion. Scoring and sharing Versace (at a steal), finding and assembling terrific outfits... the only thing you did wrong was try to explain the variety of cropped pants TO A MAN. Really, how did you not know he wouldn't care?! :)

  4. I had to laugh at your colleague's eyes glazing over ... I don't even attempt to talk fashion with my - female! - colleague, as she isn't in the least bit interested.
    Loving your culottes, Zara jungle blazer and your gold leather trench.
    Glad to hear you found the perfect home for those Versace jeans! xxx

  5. Love your pink shoes, Shiela! I'd love being your coworker and swapping pieces from our wardrobes! X

  6. I love that blazer and I thought the culottes were a skirt for sure! I think your coworker doesn't know what he's missing, you have such a wide wealth of fashion knowledge. I feel my thoughts are limited to "oooh pretty" sometimes. I still appreciate fashion, just not in such a knowledgeable way, if that makes sense!

    Lovely of you to pass on the jeans too! :)


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