Sunday, August 9, 2020

Weekend Wrap-Up: Spanish Ladies Brunch and Flashback

 Ah, what a nice relaxing weekend. Unlike weekends in the "olden days" (pre-COVID), my adventures now are pretty much limited to brunch, a wee shop, and then boardgames in the evenings. Good times!

Now, let's get 'er started, because we are going to have a Flashback on one of my older dresses, and I know it's a favourite of some of you long-time readers: the Spanish Ladies dress! 

L and I met up with Nick for brunch at Pluto's, then had a stroll down to the record shop. I also popped into a couple of shops and have expanded my mask collection some more. 

  • Cardigan - no label, thrifted; not tracked
  • Dress - Lirub, Camden Market, London, 2010; last worn here in June 2019 with these same shoes
  • Shoes - Aldo, thrifted; last seen here in July for a grocery trip, and some vintage shopping

It rained off and on all night, so things were still feeling damp and sultry this morning. 
Cardigan time! I actually have a pale pink cami on -  it matches my skin tone almost exactly, doesn't it? 
Without the cardi - I only took it off while we brunched. 
I adore this dress - it's a very classic fit-and-flare shape, and I love the nice waistal banding - good to lock everything in place. 
You may have spotted that my hair has a tinge of pink in it - I mixed some darker tint into my conditioner in the shower. Time to change things up a bit! I picked up some purple - I'm feeling like going back to more of a lavender-y shade. 
Showing off my vintage red slip. The dress is only lined in the bodice. 
No one saw that, but I knew it was there!
Must mask up for being in public. I'm giving this mask to L - it doesn't fit my face well. 

  • Purse - Banana Republic, consignment

The stuff: 
Two people shouted, "I love your shoes!" at me while I was out. These are fabulously comfy - great for walking. 

Blue bling: 
With a bit of brass and copper. 

  • Brass/copper cuff - Karen's
  • Blue cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - consignment, Vancouver
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I popped into Oscar & Libby's and Lazy Susan's, both locally owned and operated gift shops. They both had a good selection of fun masks. 
The navy floral and the cherries print are "ninja" style, with big scoops under the eyes (I like that). The brown/gold pleated one has a wire for the nose, and fits me perfectly. Those three were from Oscar & Libby's and were $11 and $12 each. I fell hard for the Super women mask - Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl!

But you know I had to get this Star Wars one. It and the Supers one were $12 each. 
I can't wait to say "Freeze, you Rebel scum!" to my coworkers!

Both of those also have wired noses - that's my preference. We're supposed to be wearing boring masks at work (no logos, classic patterns or solids), but screw that! I'm wearing a mask and that's enough.

And now...

Flashback time! 

I bought this wonderful 100% cotton dress in Camden Market, London, in May 2010, from a big stall full of dresses like this, all handmade in England. They were all 95 pounds each (about $165 Canadian now), and had various novelty prints. I remember pickles, refrigerators and cacti. I wasn't able to try it on due to lack of anywhere to do so, so I hoped for the best, held it up and checked the measurements, and bought it. The brand is Lirub which I've never been able to find online (I actually just spotted one sold at a UK Oxfam shop for 19.99 pounds in a "Day of the Dead" theme). 

I first wore it in May 2010, a few days after returning home. A few pics here from our adventures that day - we also did the Tower of London. L, Mom and I spent about 5 days in London, then Mom went off on a walking tour and L and I took the train to Paris for 2 days. It was a fabulous trip; click here, if you'd like to revisit - the posts are newest to oldest, and yes, I've pasted George Clooney's face over L's real face, as I kept his privacy for several years on my blog. 

I got those shoes at Heathrow airport - they are in the consignment pile, as no one I know wears shoes that high anymore! They were pretty precarious. 

Sorry about the fuzziness of these pics - older camera, and I used to size them very small back in the day. 
This was in July 2010. The pattern is various old-timey Hollywood ladies, mostly in Spanish outfits, including one in sort of a cowgirl look. 

This is from May 2011.
I haven't quite mastered the Stair Pose yet! This makes me laugh - so awkward!

Aside from mixing up my accessories - the dress has every colour of the rainbow in it - I've also layered many items under it, mostly camisoles on the top, as it's a deep V-neck. 
In August 2011, I layered a cardigan over it for the first time - it would not be the last! 

Primary colours in May 2012. I was really into cardigans for a few years there, and then did a big cardi purge a few years back (they are creeping back in again).
Those shoes are in Caro's closet now, and I moved the triangular purse along a few years back. 

That same cardi in September 2012 - this was for my 30 For 30 for 12 Challenge, during which I wore the dress 3 times that month.
I forgot I even owned those Fluevogs! They rubbed my heel. 

One of the few times I layered a longer skirt under the dress, also from September 2012. 
I loved those sandals - I wore them until they were so beat up! They went to Italy with me a few years back. 

Only the dress remains from most of these outfits. 
This is also in September 2012. That is one bigass flower.

I still have this blue belt from May 2013 - it's a nice Danier one. The jacket was not right - moved it along.
I miss those blue suede shoes - they were stalwarts in my closet for years. Such a classic shape and colour. 

But I got new blue shoes, shown here in July 2013.
I still have that entire outfit, even the jewelry. 

I wore this to the Vintage Expo in September 2013 - I took the hat off for work. Yvonne has that blazer now.
I tend to wear primary colours with this dress the most: red, yellow and blue. 

This lovely stretch denim jacket was a Smoking Lily one - I gave it to Caro years ago, and she still has it, I think. This was in May 2014.
"I protest the lack of cat pictures in this post, Woman."

Again, layering the longer skirt under it. I like the length of the skirt more now than when I bought it - it felt too long then. Hemlines trends! 

Oh, we have some wacky "weekend hair" going on here in August 2014.
Orange is also a versatile colour for matching. The Kraft Dinner yellow shoes were Tsubos, and I had them for years. 

Let's try a little chartreuse - this outfit is from April 2015.
Not as good a match, although that is close to the colours in the cacti in the pattern.

I often wore this dress to the Ulti field as it was easy to change into my shorts under the skirt, and to just zip it on post-game to be all classy for brunch after. 
This was in August 2015 - those shoes were fabulous (brand is Born), but they didn't stay on my feet very well. 

I still have this tangerine cardigan - this is from April 2016.
My orange Desmonds got worn with this dress multiple times. 

I'm definitely wearing it to the Ulti field here in May 2016 - I spy L putting on his Converse next to our bags of gear. 
Interesting note: I bought this yellow leather jacket the week we got back from our London/Paris trip - it's also 10 years old. 

Another outfit worn to Ulti, in September 2016. 
I still have everything but the shoes. 

Yet another Saturday pre- and post-game look, in May 2017.
I recall that fabulous straw hat collapsed and lost its wire while I was wearing it that day. So annoying! 

Some yellow accessories here in August 2017.
Pretty basic. This dress doesn't need much. 

In May 2018. 
Flat shoes, minimal accessories = Ulti outfit. 

And then here's the last time we saw it, in July 2019, when I actually wore it to work to show off to my colleagues. 
They were appropriately impressed. 

Mathy stuff: I wear this dress 1-2 times a year, only in the spring/summer, so it's not a total shock that I've now worn it (including the current outfit) 23 times! That bring us to $7.17 per wear, which is very good. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little look back at my 10-year-old dress, and that you all had a splendid weekend.


  1. That is my favorite dress! I love how you change up the look each time you wear it. You always look fabulous!

  2. Utterly fabulous dress, and I love all the different ways you've styled it!

  3. What a totally classic design and an outstanding pattern! This is a dress that has potential to continue on for another ten years!

    1. It is such a classic dress and pattern. I agree - 10 more years, Nana!

  4. I love your dress! It is vibrant and full of life, the fit and design are fabulous! I have to ask which store you got the wonder woman mask in? I collect wonder woman stuff and would adore a mask like that.

    1. It's from Lazy Susan's on Fort St, Dar, just before Vancouver St. It was $12.

  5. How feminine and beautiful this outfit is. What a gorgeous dress! I love its print as much as the cut. It looks amazing paired with the red cardigan and shoes. The new hair tint is lovely. I think lavender would also look great.

    All the ways you styled this dress are gorgeous but I like the newest look the most. The red accents fit this dress so well.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana. It's a lovely dress, and I'm so glad I spent what was a lot of money then! I'll probably go lavender in a month or so.

      Aw, much appreciated!

  6. I loved reading about your trip to London and that dress is a wonderful souvenir of a great trip. It's certainly earned it's place in your wardrobe, it might only get worn a couple of times a year but you've manged to make it look fabulous and completely different each and every time I'd had an outing. xxx

    1. It was so much fun, Vix! One of these days, I'll make it back there. I am such a fan of this dress!

  7. Hello Sheila:
    I'm one of your silent readers but every once in awhile I like to comment or inform. Your dress is made with fabric by the company Alexander Henry and it's still available and is called "Las Senoritas" from their "Folklorico" collection. You are right when you say it has some Cowboy hats which is the Mexican cowboy "Charro" hat. I have also seen aprons, dresses and skirts made from it. I live a few hours from the Mexican border but have seen many local and Southwest US based designers use Alexander Henry fabrics in their clothing and home designs. There is a company in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico that makes their own version of AH fabrics but it's a little complicated ordering from them even though the owner is an American. Anyway, just a little information for your Monday reading. Take care and stay safe!
    Lamar from Texas

  8. sheila! haven't seen you in a while! this dress is exquisite!! oh, i am in love! i hope to be lucky to be able to thrift one one day! so much fun!
    xo eva

    1. Eva! Nice to see you! Thank you so much - I've never seen anything like this in a thrift store, so good luck.

  9. Before I get started: yay, you're back in my reading list! Also yay on seeing that marvellous Spanish ladies dress, which must be one of my favourites of yours! And a flashback on it as well! I'm loving the peek of your vintage red slip too. Well done on expanding your mask collection. Treating it like another fashion accessory is the way forward, I think. Is it very bad that I have more than twenty now? Can't understand that you are supposed to wear boring ones at work, but I do suspect that they expect "wacky Sheila" to wear wacky ones :-) xxx

    1. Oh, wonderful, I'm so glad to hear that, Ann. Yes, this is one of my faves too - it's so fun.

      Yes, it's just there as another accessory - I'm amassing quite the collection! I don't quite have 20 yet, though! I mentioned that "rule" to my boss, and he didn't care at all about what they looked like.

  10. The dress is gorgeous and you found so many ways to style it! Well done.
    I am going to go through all the blog posts that I missed. Cannot comment on everything. Sorry, too lazy.

    1. Greetje, thank you so much for the kind words, and for digging through some of my backlog. I really appreciate it. :)

  11. Yeah, I got mail! Lol. What a fantastic dress that is. I love it with all the jackets on it but especially the green one. How is Nick doing?

    1. It's working?? Oh, awesome! Thank you so much, Nancy!

      Nick is doing okay. We're keeping a good eye on him.

  12. Hi Shiela, love the fit and flare style on you. You look stunning and those shoes well they are something else! Putting the blue jacket over it for work last year gives it a totally different look. I get inspiration from you as I am trying to wear more dresses. One of my favourite dresses I ever owned was a fit and flare design unfortunatley I put on weight but I gave it to my sister - in- law(which hurt a bit lol) as she had always tried to find it. I don't think she would fit into it now either and I wish that it could be passed on to someone as it does not deserve to be left hanging not being worn (sound awful don't I don't mean to) Anyway look forward to more Sheila inspiration Shazxx

    1. Thanks so much, Shaz! The dress' pattern is so versatile - I can wear so many colours with it. That is the key to a patterned dress: lots of useful colours!

      I love a classic fit-and-flare - they look good on nearly everyone. I totally get what you mean about a dress not going to waste if it's not being worn. I try to move those along to a good home.

      Happy to be an inspiration - thank you!

  13. Love that dress! I recently had a weekend full of dress-wearing opportunities (unusual for me) and sadly realized I gave a ton away in my recent closet purge and am left with mostly boring black options. Oh well, now I've got a good reason to hit the thrift stores! Hopefully I can find some as exciting as yours. :)
    I like that you're working on coordinating masks to outfits! I used to do the same (my mom has quite the fabric stash!) but work recently banned cloth mask because some people insisted on wearing political ones... to their state jobs... (insert eye-roll here). Oh well, disposable ones for me. At least I can wear my beautiful handmade batik ones when I'm not at work!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! How fun to get dressed up, but oh no! that you gave away a bunch of your non-black dresses! I hope you find a good one!

      Yes, you know me - I'll be matchy until I die! :) Oh for goodness' sakes, people! Don't ruin it for everyone else! I am glad you have pretty ones to wear elsewhere.

  14. Hi Sheila, I have always LOVED this dress both for itself and on you! It is the quintessential fit and flare, and the colors and pattern are "breezy" (in Laurie talk that means multicolored and entertainingly patterned, causing one to look twice to see what the pattern actually is :-)) It is one of those dresses where, had I seen you locally wearing it, I likely would have complemented you and then asked where you purchased it. (Is that clothing lust? ;-))
    Not sure what changed, but last night I received a blog post in my email and instead of just being the day's post, it began with a list of prior posts and then all of those posts are included in the email, beginning with the most recent at the top. Digital tech; fascinating!
    Anyway, back to the Spanish Ladies and You - your outfits, every single one, are fabulous. And either due to this post or another recent one, I am tempted to go looking for some red gladiator sandals thanks to your influence!
    Cheers, Laurie

    1. Laurie! Thank you so much - I love the adjective "breezy"! Yes, I get a lot of comments on it (normally) when I wear it.

      Yes, that's exactly what I received! I'm glad someone figured out what was going on behind the scenes!

      Aw, thank you so much! I found those shoes marked way down in a thrift store - they have been a life-saver for me many times.

  15. I've always loved this dress, the fit and flare shape and the gorgeous print!, woww, these Spanish Ladies in fab colors!. Love it in every color combo too, particularly fabulous with blue, orange and/or yellow!, you rock this colors!
    And so lovely that you're creating a masks collection, this encourages me to treat them as an accessory (which makes me feel better when having to wear them!)

    1. Me too, Monica, it is such a cool dress. Thank you so much. Yes, absolutely, we'll have to have a collection just like our other accessories, to coordinate with our outfits!

  16. I have been racking my brain because that dress struck me as typical of a brand I knew - could it possibly be Victory Parade? ( The cut and print look like their sort of style, and the price range is right.

    1. Mim, I think you have found it! - that's the exact dress (although mine did not come with a belt). And it's by Limb, not Lirub! You are a genius!

  17. This is such a beautiful dress on you and I really like the flashback to see how well it goes with so many other colours - I know a dress like this with all the colours in the print makes it easy to find other colours to wear with it but it shows me I could try be more colourful with my dresses too! :)

    I hope we don't have similar mask rules when we return to the office - I don't have a lot of plain masks, they are hard to find! Here we are only requested (not required) to wear them in one of our major supermarkets here, so the handful I have I don't need to wear often at all. We do our grocery shopping online and I only need to go in store if things are sold out when we order so it's a rarity for me to go in. The rest of the time is the school runs where I keep my distance from other parents and then parks / trails around here where we stay away from busy playgrounds and keep our distance that way.

    1. Thank you so much, Mica! I love a pattern that goes with a lot of other colours!

      They were hard to find here at first, but now most stores carry them. We aren't at a mandatory rule yet, but I'm being ultra-cautious in our office (I'm lucky in that I get to determine that, as the office manager).

  18. That dress has always been one of my favourite pieces of yours. I'm impressed by how many different jackets and sweaters you have to wear over it.
    Great mask selections! I have a bunch of them in fun patterns too - we will all be getting one in "Western Purple" at work but I will be wearing ones I've purchased from local sellers. Purple is not my colour!

    1. It's a classic - I have had many jackets over the years that I've worn with it. I don't have most of those anymore, though.

      I love getting a collection of them. Ooh, purple. My company got black (boring).


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