Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Turquoise and Silver Space Boots; Lighting the Trees

Hello, my friends! A very Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US - we'll be watching football and eating homemade chili and raising a glass to the south of the border. Today was my Friday - I'm now off work till Monday.
I built this outfit around the boots - a nice solid to show them off is what I wanted, and this gorgeous dress called to me. 

  • Dress - Calvin Klein, thrifted; first worn here in March with brocade boots and snakes
  • Boots - Teleport, purchased here for $75.00
  • Coat (below) - L'Atiste, consignment, Vancouver; last seen here a week ago

I know the colour is confusing - it looks very aqua in the stair picture, but more cerulean in the indoor shots. It is more of a turquoise, so just combine the two shades in your head. 
My coworker Camille loved it - so nice to see another fashionable person! 

Just silver boots with a blue dress would be too boring for me, and with the shoes having that open tongue, the outfit was just crying for some funky tights.
I briefly considered grey before my eye alit on these floral beauties. They even have a bit of aqua in them. 
Masked up - this is a very matchy one from Lazy Susan's. 
I had a Zoom call with Mom yesterday and she has some pink ones ready for me - exciting! 

Speaking of pink...
This is one of my "sets" of winter accessories - it's very useful to have all matchy pieces. 

  • Cashmere beret - Club Monaco, thrifted
  • Fur scarf - thrifted
  • Leather gloves - consignment

The stuff: 
My coworker Keith immediately dubbed these Space Boots, but I was singing "Silver Bells Boots" to myself all day. 

Floral bling: 
The necklace matched the tights so well!

  • Necklace - thrifted
  • Silver/amethyst ring - vintage mall
  • Amber ring - c. 1996
  • Earrings - Plum

Christmas Stuff: Trees, Garland, Lights and Some Odds and Ends

Yesterday, I got to work on getting the Christmas trees, garlands and lights up, and I unpacked a few things that I came across. 
This is my main full-size tree, a 7.5' slender (as we said in the business). I like a skinnier tree so that it doesn't take up as much room. 

I also found a 9' section of garland already decorated with lights, along with a mini 2' tree with some coloured lights. 
I considered re-lighting the garland, but by the time I got to it, I had none of my new lights left. I did re-light the tree. 

I discovered that I already had some LED lights, so I set my old lights aside. 
I store them looped up and wrapped around themselves, like the extension cords behind them. They never tangle. 

This is my smaller tree, which replaces one I previously had that I sold when I got the bigger tree. I used to do just this tree for a while. 
This one is only 10 years old; the tall one is around 25 years old. 

No pictures of Vizzini, as he made himself scarce during all of this. I worked on it for about 6 hours. 
I had planned on putting that long green garland on the floor up on the curtain valance - I did that once when we moved in, but I'd had to staple-gun the garland up then and I didn't want to do that again. 

Woo, these new LED white lights are BRIGHT. 
We don't need any lamps on at this end of the living room!

I've secured the tree with some strong wire, which is wrapped around this middle section of wall and outside to the deck and back. Just because I have visions of Vizzini launching himself at the tree! 
Our doors don't properly seal - I want to replace them, but they are a building envelope thing, so we have to wait for our Strata to have the budget to do it. However, it does mean I can close and lock the deck doors, and the wire doesn't get in the way. 

I ended up lighting the green garland with some older coloured LED lights that I found, and wrapping it around the TV shelf. 
I anchored it at the top under the turntable and the centre channel speaker. I had the Food Network on all day while I worked on this, watching Christmas baking competition shows. I don't do any Christmas baking, but I like watching other people do it. 

This is a good spot for the tree - I'm happy with it. 
I feel so merry! So sparkly! 

I decided that the tree's plain white lights were a little overwhelming so I added a few strings of deep blue overtop of the white. 
It'll get the decorations on it this weekend, probably. 

I made a display area on top of this bookcase. There's the mini tree re-lit. 
I laid that garland along the gap between the shelf and the wall (it's out from the wall a bit due to the outlet back there). 

The small tree is all lit. 
This is usually my Star Wars/Star Trek tree, but I'm not sure if I'll do that this year. 

I found these four little tins with the houses inside. the trees, the people and the clear acrylic snowman are stored with them. 
The houses are actually ornaments for hanging, but I like them as their own wee village. We have Mrs. Claus' Bakery, the Teddy Bear Factory, the North Pole Mercantile and the Wish Processing Department. 

Many of my items are things that were broken or not quite right, and instead of marking them down (we didn't do a sale area), my boss would often say, "Take it home."
Which is how I acquired these two music boxes on either side of the mystery nutcracker. 
There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this one, though. There are two elves that circle the snoozing Santa in his Workshop Office, and the the fellow on the floor scrubs back and forth. 

I do not know where this mystery nutcracker came from - he must have been a gift at some point, and I just shoved him into the closet. 
He's missing a nose! 

This music box is actually hilariously broken. The music plays at a sped-up tempo, and the Santa and reindeer whirl around the rooftops at breakneck speed! 
The two pairs of elves race around the tree and snowman. It lasts for about 3 seconds, until the music box winds down. 

I bought these Santas from my store - they are all by the same porcelain artist, Jacqueline Pickard. 
She bought the moulds, poured the porcelain, fired them, and painted them. The left one was $35.00, the middle one was $49.95, and the angels sold for $24.95. How do I still remember that???
The Santa in the middle is my favourite - this was the first one she made, and she never painted them as elaborate again. The angel was a gift from her. 
They are all marked with her initials, JP, and say the same thing on the bottom: Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Victoria, B.C. 

Oh, found another! 
This fellow was a very good seller - she did him with various coloured coats, gloves and bells. He sold for $29.95. 

I also found one of her tags - I used to give one out with every ornament or figure of hers we sold (we carried a big assortment of her pieces). 
I do remember that back in the early 90s, it  bothered me that "Jacquelines" needed an apostrophe! 

The 90s were a time when folk art décor reigned supreme. I didn't get too heavily into it, but it did wind its way into my brain, so I have some rather cutesy things like this folk Santa getting his sleigh pulled by a cow, a pig, a sheep and a chicken. 
It's carved wood, and the chicken still makes me smile. 

I love this resin figurine of a polar bear. 
His staff has a heart-shaped wreath, and I love his coat, scarf and hat. 
He's so jolly. 
He's by Polar Kins and is called "Love Warms the Coldest Day" (so sappy) - and 1995 is probably when I bought him. I think he was around $24.95.

This is a blast from the past! 
A Santa and a snowman jamming out on their Flying V guitars! 

My ex-boyfriend had a Flying V guitar - I probably bought this when we were together (1989-1995).
Heh, I get a kick out of the detail on the back. 

They are by Stone Avenue. 
Most of my "good" decorations are still stored in their original boxes. 
This one still has the price tag of $13.95 on it, and a note, "Hold for Sheila." I maintained a bag of stuff and bought them all on layaway - I got a 30% discount on regular items. 
I wrote all the price tags by hand for the shop (an onerous and finger-mangling job!), including this one, for many years until we got a price gun that made instant tags (I was so happy!). 

I adore this Christmas hippo. 
I love animals and have a ton of animal ornaments. We carried a bunch in this line - there was a festive zebra, a giraffe, an elephant, a lion...I can't remember them all. 
That face! She's by Nanco Christmas Animals and the artist is Tom Rubel (I found his resume here!).

These figures are by House of Hatten - they were very expensive and we carried a big variety. They are hollow resin, although they look like real wood, and many of them broke in shipping (always annoying). 
They're again on the folksy side, but I find beauty in their ugliness. 
I recall that the standing figure was over $40, the jointed elf puppet was $24.95, the Santa tree was $19.95 and the hanging bear was $13.95. 

This was a freebie nutcracker - he has some condition issues. 
Missing a foot!
Some paint cracking on his arm, marks on the back of his lever. 
And the paint on top of his hat is crackled - he was probably in a sunny window at the store. 

He is German, though - German Democratic Republic, so he is pre-1990. 
Nutcrackers from Germany were expensive - he would have been around $59.95 back then. 

My pile of sparkly bits of ribbon garlands - these will go on the pictures in the living room and dining room. 
A paper box on the right hold my curling ribbon for presents. I won't be doing that with Vizzini around - he's been known to eat ribbon. 

The grey box is wood, and it was painted for me by my former high school best friend Lynette. 
I keep my spare light bulbs in here, plus bits of things that might come in handy, like ornament hooks. 
She was a really good artist - she painted all of this. 
It's from 1989...
She and Jim got married the following year, I think (I was a bridesmaid - check out the picture here). The box was originally filled with handmade truffles. We lost touch once she moved away and had kids, sadly. 

I found our viewing glasses! 
When you put them on and look at fairy lights, they make shapes around the lights. 
See? This one does snowflakes.

Here's the smaller tree with the star-shaped pair.
Ooh, isn't it pretty? 

I'll be back in a few days - thanks so much for dropping by! 


  1. That CK turquoise dress is utterly perfect with the space boots (that's what I call my metallic boots, too!) and of course you had to wear funky tights.
    That little hippo's face is adorable, I love him and the noseless and footless nutcrackers are both very handsome chaps despite the missing appendages.
    Those last two photos are just gorgeous. I hope Vizzini's platform gets some Xmas magic, too! xxx

    1. Space boots for the win! Thanks, Vix!

      I love the hippo - I'm a huge fan of Christmas animals, which you will see as I get through all my decorations. I love nutcrackers too.

      Thank you! No decor on Vizzini's posts - those are his space and are always safe refuge from us humans.

  2. I have a few bags that seem to change colour in different lights but I've never noticed that with clothes before! I really like your colour-changing dress! it's so fun with those tights and the silver boots :)

    I am loving seeing your Christmas decorations too - you do have so many! I can't wait to get all my Christmas decorations out this year! Soon, I have to wait for hubby to agree it's close enough to the 1st December yet, haha! He'd be happy with nothing more than a tree but I want to decorate the whole house ;)

    1. It drives me nuts, Mica! I know what colour it should be, and I hate it when it doesn't look that way in pictures. :) Thank you!

      I do have a TON, just wait till I get going! I hope you get to decorate the way you want, ha ha!

  3. Hi Sheila,
    As soon as I saw your outfit photos my immediate thought was “the necklace matches the tights!” The combo is perfect! I have never seen glasses for viewing lights (the effect is magical) and they remind me of the early glasses for 3D. Here’s to your looonnnng weekend, and to undoubtably doing up some more decorations! I look forward to seeing your home when you have completed your fun!

    1. You got it, Laurie! Thanks so much!

      We also had glasses that did snowmen and "Ho Ho Ho" when you looked at lights. It was a fun long weekend - I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my goodies here!

  4. What a gorgeous turquoise dress! I love how you styled it with funky tights and silver boots. The necklace is a great match for the floral tights. A statement necklace paired with statement tights- perfection. I love how you always add something funky to your outfits. Gotta keep things interesting. Your blue face mask is a lovely shade of blue. I also like the pink accessories and the bw checkered coat. So cool your mother is making you a pink face mask, it will match the pink scarf, beret and gloves perfectly.
    Your Christmas tree looks amazing. The lights are brilliant. So fun to see all the Christmas decor you have---and so many memories. I love those porcelain hand painted figures you have and how lovely of the artist to gift you that angel. You have some really cool Christmas ornaments and decor there.

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! I loved it with the floral tights/necklace and the shiny Space Boots! I love having funky pieces to jazz up outfits. Colour is essential.

      Thanks! I am actually enjoying the slower pace this year of putting things up gradually instead of one mad rush.

  5. That turquoise Calvin Klein dress is delightful and together with those floral funky tights the perfect companions for your silver boots' maiden voyage! Isn't it annoying that some colours seem to be unphotographable? I'm always having problems with certain blues and greens! Love the matching mask and the necklace echoing the florals of your tights. Your Mum's pink masks will come in handy, making your pink Winter set even more complete!
    Wow, you certainly have a lot of Christmas stuff! And those LED lights are so bright, I needed to get out my sunglasses just to look at them. I'm loving those nutcrackers with issues :-) I need some of those glasses to look at the fairy lights, as they make them look utterly magical! Enjoy your weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I felt awesome in all that colour! Yes, I'm so annoyed when colours don't photograph right. I also have that issue with some pinks. I need my pink masks!

      It's a LOT of stuff - this is barely anything! I know, I wish the LED lights were more of a warm glow! The "effects" glasses are so fun for looking at everything.

      Thank you, my dear friend. I hope you had a good weekend too!

  6. Magnificent boots! And that necklace is also so gorgeous! I am getting in the mood to decorate! Your home looks very cozy! I think I am going totry to get Gerben to put the reindeer on the roof! A hell of a job and we don't even see it!

    1. Thanks, Nancy! I love the cozy feeling that all the lights and decorations give. Good luck with persuading Gerben in putting things on the roof! :-O

  7. Sheila,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations on your blog. Seeing all your "stuff" reminded me how very much I loved decorating for the holidays. A delightful bit of joy during what are truly dreadful times.

    1. Aw, that's a very sweet comment, thank you! I used to love decorating so much, and it's been a good reminder that it doesn't have to be a chore if I spread things out. I'm very glad that my "stuff" is giving you some joy. :)

  8. Those silver boots.... so good. And well styled with the tights, necklace and blue dress.
    And how Christmassy your house is going to look.

    1. They are amazing, aren't they, Greetje? Thank you!

      It's like Christmas threw up! Ha ha! I only decorate the living room/dining room area, not the entire condo (it's too much!).

    2. Didn't think anything would be ever too much for you hahaha.

  9. Goodness me, those silver boots are sensational! Glam, instantly evocative of the 60s, eye-catching and soooo fabulously cool. Love 'em!!!

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life

  10. That is such a groovy outfit!! It makes me happy just to look at it, and I'm glad you got to give those silver boots an outing.

    I have to confess, I'm just not that into Christmas, but I do like some of the ornaments, particularly that wonderful Christmas Hippo!

    1. I felt very groovy in it, Shelley! The boots are insanely fun.

      It's okay to not be into it - lots of people, including me, are happy to give all the foofaraw a pass! It's been fun delving into my collection, and it's somewhat melting my Grinchy heart. :)

  11. Love this groovy outfit, particularly that matchy tights and necklace!, and your space boots totally rock!.
    It's beeing really amusing to see your christmas decoration and all the cute things you have. I still like some folk style so 'the folk Santa getting his sleigh pulled by a cow, a pig, a sheep and a chicken' is a favourite of mine, it's so cute and put a smile on my face too!

    1. Thanks, Monica! I love the silver boots! So fun!

      I'm glad you're enjoying them, thanks. I like the folk Santa and sleigh too! It's a good piece if it makes you smile. :)


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