Sunday, July 26, 2020

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Saturday Brunch and Shop and the Winesday Mrs. Roper Pool Party

It's been an absolutely fantastic weekend, and I'm excited to share some pictures (and TWO videos!!) with you, as well as a couple of small Flashbacks. 

Let's get 'er started with Saturday's brunch outfit. It was a hot but slightly windy day, so I went over the top! 
This blue and white thing is actually a jumpsuit - we'll have a Flashback on it shortly.

  • Cardigan - Joseph A, consignment; last seen here in March for an at-home outfit
  • Jumpsuit - Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, vintage 90s, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in July 2019 to hang with friends over the long weekend
  • Shoes - Eject; last seen here in May (2nd outfit) for a Saturday Zoom call

I needed sun coverage for all the walking we did, so I layered this long chartreuse cardigan over it. 
It matched my shoes too!

I know it looks like a dress...
..but it is a jumpsuit! 
And I'm practically jumping for joy in it! Look at those ginormous legs! 

It has three flounces on the bottom - I had to actually pay to have it shortened by about 6 inches after I bought it.
 No pockets, but it's so swooshy!
 I took the cardigan off for brunch, but otherwise wore it all day.
L and I went to Goo Goo Goggles after brunch at Pluto's Diner to pick out frames for our new glasses, which we'll be getting in a few weeks.

We were required to wear our masks while there, so I wore this lovely toile one that Cat made for me. Matchy!
I'm excited to get new glasses - these ones are around 3-4 years old - and to have an alternate pair to swap out.

  • Leather purse - Banana Republic, consignment

The stuff:
I adore these shoes - but with the hot weather, my feet got sweaty and started rubbing blisters as we walked home. I took them off and walked the remaining few blocks home, but that led to giant blisters on the bottoms of my feet from the hot pavement! I've been hobbling around for the rest of the weekend, moaning and groaning (in my head only - I save my out-loud grumblings for L).

Blue and green bling:
 I loaded up on the bangles.

  • Blue eelskin bangle - vintage 80s, mine, donated, then re-found and thrifted
  • Enamel bangles - thrifted
  • Glass bangle - thrifted
  • Crystal earrings - consignment
  • Lapis lazuli ring/Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

I had to take a picture of L's outfit, because he looked so spiffy.
His porkpie hat, a vintage 50s shirt from Thailand (a vintage expo purchase), thrifted shorts (found by me), and tan Converse. As we were walking home, a young lady on a bicycle hollered at us, "You look AWESOME!" We sure did, thanks!

Flashback #1! 

I bought these chartreuse leather sandals during our March 2016 anniversary trip to Vancouver (here) for $149.00 at La Differencia, a store that sells really funky shoes just up the street from the Fluevog store in Gastown. They were a Last Pair, off the clearance rack.
 I love the brass studs, the rust "aging" and the white soles. Due to "shoe math" they are actually only an inch heel, so fine for walking in (but not sweating!).

I first wore them for Easter at Mom's in March 2016.
The only things I have left in this outfit are the brooches.

I wore them a month later in April 2016 in a citrus-y work outfit.
 I still have that cardi, but everything else is long gone.

I love this cool outfit, also from April 2016. I still have both the top and the trousers.
 The current outfit's chartreuse cardi would go well with it!

This Armani Exchange denim dress just went to Yvonne.
This outfit is from July 2016 - I had that Noa Noa skirt for a long time but I finally gave it up a few years ago.

You'll recognize this silk dress.
This outfit is also from July 2016.

Like all of my sandals, I pack these away for the fall/winter months - here they are again in May 2017.
As with yellow shoes, chartreuse sandals are surprisingly versatile.

With a Dries Van Noten top (gave it to Vero), and that same chartreuse skirt again.
This was in June 2017.

A month later in August 2017, with my olive jumpsuit.
 Although I liked this outfit, I didn't keep the jumpsuit very long.

I love this outfit, which I wore for our first Winesday Spring Tea, in May 2018.
I walked to the Tea Shop, then to a pub, and then home again - probably about 4 kilometres total.

They were my go-to for my inaugural wearing of my Alexander McQueen trousers in May 2018.
I still have those trousers - they are in my fall/winter collection.

I love all the greens in this outfit from June 2018.
 I have to wear that lace skirt soon! It's been in my wardrobe forever.

More yellows here in late September 2018.
 Including the current outfit, I've worn this cardi-shoe combo three times.

Once you have a coloured pair of shoes, you start seeking out more of that colour!
 I paired them with this lime-green silk Miu Miu blouse in April 2019.

And did the same top with my satin joggers in July 2019.
 I like the elastic cuffed trousers with the high ankle of the shoe.

I love how this neon green blouse pairs with the shoes, from August 2019.
 Chartreuse and copper - so pretty together!

And this is the last time I wore them, for a Saturday Zoom call in silk trousers, and the third time with this green top, in May 2020.
I'll be wearing these sandals again as soon as my feet heal up!

Mathy stuff: I've now worn them 17 times, which brings my cost-per-wear to $8.76. $149.00 doesn't seem so expensive now. These shoes still have plenty of wear in them, so we'll check in again in a few years!

~End of Flashback #1~

L and I had some time to kill before our appointment at Goo Goo, so I went to Dots while he browsed in the record shop. I may have found a few things - everything in the store was an extra % off (most stuff was 30%, but some was more/less, depending on how new it was). 
I bought the black and white infinity scarf for $6.99, scored the crystal earrings and the cream/gold/crystal hinged bangle for $2.09 each. The silver headband was $1.39.

I was happy to see that the infinity scarf was made in Canada!
I've never heard of Melissa Nepton (her story here, all links 'cause I love), but I'm happy that I can find Canadian-made stuff in Dots.

I really liked this beautiful plum knit skirt.
It is just below mid-calf, and the bottom is extra swooshy.
It's a wider cable down there.

The brand is 525 America, another brand I've never heard of - about them here.
They specialize in knits. From the salesman's sample tag, we can tell a few things:

  • This is the 99th of 198 garments available.
  • It's called the Flare Rib Skirt (here's a similar one in mulicolour for $128.00 US on their site)
  • It's both 100% rayon AND 100% nylon. I think the math is off there...
  • It came in 5 colours (this one is Deep Plum), plus Black and Olive, handwritten in.

This was $23.99 after the discount. I will be saving this till fall - it's going to work perfectly with my cool-weather clothes.

There is a lot of gross-feeling polyester at Dots, so I tend to run my hands along the clothes, searching for real material. The pattern and fabric on this dress caught my attention in the morass of plastic jersey.
It's a very fine cotton lawn, printed with white peonies and spiky greenery. I love a long sleeve on a summer dress - perfect for staying out of the sun.

Note the angled waistband and wrap front, also angled.
The front opens revealing the full, removable matching cotton slip.
I also noted that the print goes right through the fabric - I loathe it when the backside of a print is white. Ugh. That's a sign of cheap fabric.

Two excellent markers of quality: The ribbon snaps to hold the slip in place.
And the adjustable slide on the strap. Nice.

This is by Apanage, a German brand. From this tag we can see that German stores could expect their orders by late January 2019 (12 days) and other European countries would have to wait an extra 6 days.
It's also hand-washable, and would have retailed for $149.50 Canadian (that lines up with the prices on their site of around 85-90 Euros). After the discount, this was $29.99! Score!

Exhausted from eyeglass frame picking, shopping, and with sore feet, I collapsed into 2-hour nap with L and Vizzini before getting ready for Winesday at Marian's place.

We have been delaying her hosting, which was originally to have been in May (delayed due to COVID), then delayed to June (delayed due to Karen's death), then pushed back to July/now, when cabs will take more than one person.

Finally, we were ready to celebrate...

The Mrs. Roper Pool Party! A quick image search will show you pattern, muumuus, caftans and gobs of jewelry - a look made classic by actress Audra Lindley on 70s TV sitcom "Three's Company."
I had thought about wearing my daytime jumpsuit look for this - I have a lot of options in my closet for this theme! - but due to foot soreness, and generally having tons of dresses and not as many opportunities to wear them this summer, I ended up going with this wonderful vintage lame (lah-MAY, darlings!) dress. 

  • Dress - no label, handmade, vintage 70s, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) in June 2018 with copper
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) with my black floral jumpsuit for Nick's birthday in August 2019
  • Robe (below) - La Vie en Rose, thrifted here in January 2019 for $5.50
  • Bathing suit (below) - It Figures! not tracked

I adore this so-shiny dress, and we'll have a wee Flashback below showing the few times I've worn it over the years. 

It has a matching tie/belt, which I wore as a headband, with the tails hanging down my back.
It's a beautiful vintage piece, probably from the 70s.
I showed it to sewist Linda, who agreed that it's likely handmade. The fabric itself is lined to keep the lame (lah-MAY) from being scratchy.

When it was time to go in the pool, I changed and strolled out of the cabana in this outfit, swishing my tasseled ties.
I twisted my new-to-me infinity scarf around my head three times to make a turban. It worked really well at keeping my hair dry. Plus, DRAMA.

I've had this robe for a year and a half, but have never shown it on the blog as I only wear it around the house, but it worked perfectly as a bathing suit cover-up. I did take all my jewelry off for swimming.
Speaking of things I've never worn on the blog - here I am in my bathing suit! I only go swimming when we go to Marian's - she's the only person I know who has a pool - so I've worn this suit maybe 3 or 4 times, and it's been at her house for Winesday every time. No, wait, I think I wore it for Caro's hot tub once. Dang, my memory! It's like I've been...drinking wine...

The stuff:
I don't know if I'll ever do a Flashback on these shoes, as they are just workhorses in my summer closet, mostly worn when I need really comfy shoes for walking or shopping. They do hold the distinction of being the only "thong" style shoe I can bear. I'm sure I've worn them over 50 times.

Orange and gold bling:
I wore my new bangle right away.

  • Chain belt - vintage 70s, Mom's
  • Bangle - Dots
  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment
  • Cuff/ring - Italian, 1960s, vintage mall
  • Wooden clip earrings - vintage expo

Flashback #2!

I bought this dress in January 2015 (here) at the big WIN store for $17.50.
A good look at the pattern there - it's purple paisley circles on a background of cream and orange alternating chevrons, outlined with purple floral. And the whole thing is woven with gold lame (lah-MAY!).

I first wore it twice in May 2015 in the same day.
Once for a day on the town...

Followed by a late afternoon hangout with friends.
I changed up all my accessories.

It's a once-a-year dress, like many of my fun summery dresses.
This was in July 2016.

And a year later in June 2017.
As you can tell, I wore it with these same shoes frequently. Both this and the previous outfit were worn to the Ulti field and out for brunch after.

This is the last time I wore it, from June 2018 (here), when I met up with reader Laurie, and her son Robin and husband Fred (hi, Laurie!). I wore my copper belt and earrings, and carried my parasol.
I showed them around town, and we had lunch and went shopping. What a delightful time it was!

And then shamefully, I didn't wear this dress at all last year! Tsk, tsk!

Mathy stuff: This weekend's wearing bring us to six outfits total, which is not a lot, but at $2.92 per wear, I'm still really happy with it. I'll have it for many years to come, I'm sure!

~End of Flashback #2~

Winesday Pictures - stay tuned to the end, I have VIDEO of us!

I used the timer on my camera to do a group photo before the sun went down. We remained at one meter distancing (most of us have burst our bubbles prior to this, but we still maintain our distancing, and no hugging, just to be safe) and did not share food or drink. We were outside the whole time, with a light warm breeze.
Aw, sorry, Nancy, I only got half of your face, and Joanne is missing altogether! Aw. We have a glass of wine poured in honour of Karen, so she was with us in spirit(s).

Backing up slightly, I walked over to Cat's with L, where Yvonne picked us up in a cab.
I shrieked when I saw Cat in her fabulous muumuu, an Etsy purchase. I love the pink and yellow vintage-y tiki print!

L headed off with Ross (Happy Birthday!) to MANday with the dudes.
Cat and I masked up for the cab.
Of course, she matched! I wore my pink mask too and Yvonne had a lavender one on.

Our cab dropped us off at Marian's gate, and we walked up to the pool. Their house is in the process of being built - Marian and her fam are living in the gatehouse for now.
Note the swaths of lavender bushes lining the drive. It was everywhere!

The barn has been converted to a workout area and a "Man Cave" for Rod.
The pool has white plank fencing for that whole farm look.

Sarah came to meet us, as Caro and Tracy looked on.
"Do you want to see a frog?"

Of course we do!
Look at that little guy on her finger! And aw, she's wearing Karen's octopus cuff.

There were dozens of honeybees buzzing in the lavender.
I count at least four in this picture.

At the pool, which overlooks the lower tip of Vancouver Island (Victoria is not even visible).
And here are my gorgeous Winesday Women, who pulled out all the stops to make the Mrs. Roper theme happen!
Tracy wore a pink cap and a gorgeous caftan that belonged to her mom. Vix, this is vintage - there was no label, but it looks Indian or Iranian to me.

Vero was a symphony of blue.
That blue bangle is an old one of mine.

Caro wore a pink strapless dress.
Work that pose, baby!

Sarah's outfit is from her grandmother's closet. It's a two-piece, and was custom-made for her. It even has one of those "Handmade with Love by...[name]" labels in it. My grandma used to put those labels in sweaters she made for us.
It's a silky jersey. Isn't the hat fabulous?

Tracy and me.
Thanks for the pic, Yvonne!

Cat's wearing vintage Bakelite and acrylic jewelry - so "on theme."
We all had our safety cups/glasses - no actual glass is allowed near the pool.

Yvonne's wearing my royal blue Banana Republic dress - I hated it on me, but it looks amazing on her!
That obi also used to be mine, as did her steel cuff (on her wine hand).

Joanne wore an incredible vintage dress (made in Toronto, Canada, probably 70s) with matching fringed shawl, which she wore in her hair.
She also wore vintage Fluevogs!
Those look like they're from the 90s.

Linda also wore a gorgeous caftan - those colours!
She wore oodles of Bakelite and acrylic vintage jewelry.

Marian wore a fabulous jungle pattern on this modern dress. Workin' it, Marian!
I left this picture wide so that you can her lovely petunias.

A shot of Sarah's tiki cup.
I love the ruffles on the front of that top.

Tracy, kudos to you - you really brought the look!
Her necklace is also home-grown vintage.

We didn't avail ourselves of the chaises, as the sun was mostly going down once we arrived.
So much colour!
The muumuus face off.  It's a draw - they are both incredible!

Caro with her striped kimono on.
Nancy's here!
She's been MIA at Winesday for ages (that's life!), so it was SO good to see her.

Ah, there we go - Caro in full gear.
She's so pretty in pink!

Nancy, show me your bling, woman!
"I never dress like this," she kept saying. Nancy, you should definitely be wearing that kimono - you are rocking it!

Another shot with the timer, where I accidentally missed Nancy altogether, and where the heck is Joanne? I'm so sorry, honeys!
This is as close as we all got - we immediately spread out again.

Before it really started getting dark, we had a little walk around the property to check on the building progress.
The wilds of Victoria! Gary Oaks and arbutus trees, which are only found in this part of the world - they are the trees with the orange trunks.

Rod's "Man Cave" entrance.
Down the hill past the barn.
We all carried our snacks and wine with us.

The fire pit has been converted to the hot tub area for now.
I spy a chicken coop!
Hello, ladies!
"Who are these dames? Eh? Eh?"

The chickens were very excited to see our gaggle, but this bunny was totally chill.
"I'm just hanging out under this apple tree, minding my own business."
There are tons of apples growing in the trees - see them?

Tikki came out to see us! She's the only daughter of all the Winesday Women.
Showing off her adorable apron that she coloured herself! She's a budding fashionista, and of course, an honourary Winesday gal.

We had a peek at the basement/ground floor of the house, in progress.
Linda appears to be lecturing us on something. My memory is vague on this.

Back up the hill, and time to go swimming!
We swam and paddled for about an hour - the water was beautifully warm - until it was fully dark. We lounged under a huge sky of stars, wheeling above us. It was really incredible, and a wonderful way to catch up with our dearest friends. I am actually sore today - I have not swum in years! "Oh, yeah, I can swim!"

Special Bonus - thanks to the magic of Cat's iPhone, we have video!! There is audio, so much laughing with the music too.
This is us doing our catwalks around the pool to "Obsession" - Cat is holding the phone so she's not in it. 

And here we are again, with the camera operating on its own (magic, I assume). There is some audio for about 30 seconds before we start appearing, and then wait a sec, to see us coming around again for a dance party at the end. 

This makes me laugh and fills me with joy! Thank you, Cat! 

And finally, I will leave you with me and the Vizzmeister. 
"You've been out too much, Woman - we have cuddling to catch up on."

We definitely do, bud. And possibly some more napping too.

I hope you all had a great weekend - thank you so much for dropping by! 


  1. What an engrossing post -- love all the photos and video. I have to comment on pairing the chartreuse with the blue and white jumpsuit -- this is yet another reason I love your blog -- this is a combination that would never occur to me. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration! Sending hugs.

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! I love trying new things. Glad you enjoyed it all.

  2. Love the flashback threads She! And following it up with awesome Winesday spread. I love the lamae (sp?) but honestly, that jumpsuit kicks a** on you. Make sure to get cost per wear down to pennies on that one!

    1. Thanks, honey! I know, I love that jumpsuit too! XOShe

  3. What a wonderful post for a wet Monday morning, Sheila!
    Firstly I've got to tell you that Jon has the identical vintage 50s Thai shirt to L. I shall demand he wears it at some point, he's been living in tee shirts since lockdown.
    Great to see you rocking that fabulous jumpsuit, no wonder you get complimented in the street.
    The lame dress is fabulous, the colours are gorgeous on you. As for the dressing gown and turban, what a killer look, I love it!
    Marian's place is phenomenal, fancy having a friend with a pool! I loved the videos and how all the Winesday Women made such a effort to dress up and enjoy themselves, even Tikki! Tracy's kaftan is stunning.

    1. That's so funny, Vix! You tell Jon to wear that - he's got a twin here in Canada!

      I love the jumpsuit so much - it's one of my best designer finds ever. I had fun dressing up for Winesday. I'm so lucky to have a friend with a pool (but she's a great friend, period).

  4. Hi Sheila! So much to say! I am a jumpsuit wearer wannabe, don't own any, would love to have and wear one, and meanwhile I oogle over you whenever you wear one. The bounce and vibrancy of your opening blue and white jumpsuit brings smiles, and I COMPLETELY grinned wide as can be at seeing the flashback on your lame outfit! Of course I remember you wearing it when we met!!!! And of course a flood of memories came surging through. :-) (Sigh, we last visited with Robin and his partner Katryna in October 2019 and are breathing through the cancelled 2020 summer visit. Ah, patience and hope. :-))
    You and the Winesday Women ROCK the world for your zestful friendships, consistent gatherings over the years, and colorful gaiety. It's hard to resist visceral enjoyment of the videos!
    Sending smiles and hugs over the ether to you and yours. (If I knew how to do emojis in a comment there would be a hugging emoji right now.)
    All the best from a hot hot hot New York, Laurie

    1. Hey, Laurie! I was thinking of you during that Flashback so much! It was so fun visiting with you and your family. I hope you see Robin and Katryna again soon.

      Thank you - they are the best group of women ever! I'm so glad we have the videos, thanks to Cat.

      Stay frosty, my friend!

  5. Such a fun and joyful post! Firtstly, I love that palazzo jumpsuit. You wore it so well. The gree sandals with heels are fab. I do understand why they were uncomfortable in the heat. The best solution for summer and hot temperatures would be to wear socks with sandals, tourist style, but I always forget to do that. Fun to see all the ways you styled those greem sandals before.

    1. Isn't the jumpsuit amazing, Ivana? I love it so much. I wish the shoes hadn't rubbed (they didn't last year!), but I couldn't bear it and now I'm paying for that with aching feet.

  6. The lame maxi dress is beautiful. The print is amazing and you wear it so well. Nice to see all the ways you styled it before. My fav look is the one with the hot purple hair colour, sth about the contrast between these two is so cool.

    1. Thank you! It was fun to wear when I had purple hair.

  7. Fantastic to see your Winesday friend group and the fun you all have. I loved seeing and reading about everyone's outfits. Interesting that your friends also enjoy wearing vintage and/or unique outfits. Anyhow, nice to have met them. Plus, that final video with the pool runaway and dance was just pure joy.

    1. My friends would probably wear all this on their own, but I am a massive cheerleader for getting dressed up! I'm glad you enjoyed the videos!

  8. Hi Sheila, blue and green shuould always be seen. You take what I would think are difficult colours and make them come alive with the combos you come up with. I love the swimsuit look very Holywood Glamourpuss that one. had to smile at the bangle that was yours then you donated it then thrifted it back again. I have seen my donations sometimes and think why did I get rid of that?? the vintage lame and your mums chain belt and your "working" summe sandals are a match and a half! Beautiful. have a good evening Shazx

    1. I love blue and green together, Shaz! Screw those outdated rules! Thanks so much - it was the most fun weekend!

  9. I've been feeling a bit down in the dumps, but your post provided an instant pick-me-up. I really can't say which one of your outfits I love the most. The jumpsuit with the ginormous legs is a favourite, obviously, and I love how you paired it with chartreuse. I gasped when I saw the vintage lah-MAY maxi. How perfect is that and perfectly suitable for a pool party. How absolutely divine to have a friend with a pool! I gasped even more when I saw you in that glamorous bathing suit and robe, and using the infinity scarf as a turban is absolutely brilliant. You and your Winesday gang sure know how to dress up and have fun. Those videos are brilliant fun. No such thing would be possible here, though, they've just announced new restrictions as our cases are on the rise, and we can only see a max. of the same 5 people for at least 4 weeks! xxx

    1. Yeah, same here, Ann - I'm glad this post helped you. I know you love the jumpsuit, and I'm shamed that I didn't wear that maxi dress last year! What the heck? I was so nervous - I have never taken a picture of myself in a swimsuit, in all these years! That took some guts to post, to be honest. It was an awesome night, though - one for the ages.

      Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that. Our cased have been rising (very slowly), and people are being reminded to stop meeting in big groups, but no "laying down the law" just yet.

  10. What a fun weekend! I love the videos and that is such a stunning garden and a great pool! Looks like a really fun night. I really like both the jumpsuit and the gorgeous maxi dress you wore, you wear them so well! :) You have some very stylish friends too!

    1. Thanks, Mica! Marian's place is so swanky! My friends are so awesome. :)

  11. Thank you Sheila for sharing the joy and delight that evening brought!

    Joanne is indeed in the group photos. You'll see her standing to the left of Tracy.
    As for my lecturing finger... I think that was part of series of where we are all like "oooh, what's that? And that?" lol
    - Linda

    1. Linda! D'oh, of course, there she is! Now I just feel bad about missing Nancy! Ha, but you do look like you're teaching us something... ;-P

  12. What a fun weekend! So glad you have your social circle in these difficult times.

    1. I hope you enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, Ally!

  13. wowww, what a fabulous post!
    Lovely jumpsuit and lovely chartreuse bookending, so delightfully matchy sandals and cardi! they look fab together!. No wonder these sandals have been worn many times, they Rock!, love when bold color shoes look so versatile!.
    Totally in love with your lah-MAY dress!, wowww, sassiness and glamour!, and obviously, there's nothing better than some Fab Ladies having a party at the pool, looking Gorgeous in their magnificent 70's style attires!. These videos are a joy for my eyes!

    1. Thank you! I loved wearing this jumpsuit - it's such an awesome piece. I adore the sandals, and hope that they won't hurt next time I wear them!

      The lame (lah-MAY!) dress is so fun to wear - so shiny! We had such a blast!

  14. Thanks for giving us another look at two of my favourite pieces in your wardrobe - the blue and white jumpsuit, and that marvelous lame dress! What a wonderful location for a pool party, and a fun theme too. You all look very 70's glam.

    1. Both pieces are firm faves with me, Shelley. It was such a fun time at Marian's!

  15. The Castelbajac is fabulous and probably one of the most memorable from your closet, and that is a tough call to make.
    Oh a pool party !!! and a themed one... and one where everyone DID dress up!!
    I loved seeing you all enjoy being outside and all the dancing :)

    1. It's such an amazing jumpsuit and that is still one of my best ever designer finds!

      Isn't that the greatest? I love my gals! You got to see us all dancing!


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