Friday, July 24, 2020

Fancy Friday: Jammy Stripes and Yellow Ballet Flashback

Hello, my friends! It's Friday and I'm so glad - it's been a physically demanding week, and I just need some chill time. 
Another jammy dress to the rescue! I look classy, but there's really nothing to it. It's still a Fancy Friday!

  • Dress - Eliza J, consignment; last seen here in August 2019 with pops of yellow
  • Shoes - Karl Lagerfeld; last worn here a couple of weeks ago for a shopping expedition
  • Bomber jacket (below) - Le Tigre, thrifted; last seen here in May with the jelly-deer sweater

I spent most of my day crawling under desks (ugh, so many pairs of shoes) and putting people's personal detritus into boxes. I have one more floor to go.
I also Teams-bombed one of my onsite coworkers and waved to my remote colleagues.

Anyway, yes, the dress! Isn't it pretty? I love a classic fit-and-flare shape like this and the stripes are so jaunty.
I'm completely uncreative and have always worn yellow accessories with it, due to the yellow border.

I should really try orange or pink or emerald green with it, just to shake things up. Red would look awesome too.
As this is only the 3rd wear, and both previous outfits were nearly identical, no Flashback. Maybe in a few years.

I layered my bomber jacket over it for sun coverage - the navy blues matched exactly.
I had pockets in the skirt (nice deep ones!)...

And pockets in the bomber jacket. This is also only its third wear - will it last and become a closet classic? Only time will tell.
I had to take my cuff off to put the jacket on. How I SUFFER for fashion! Hee hee!

The stuff:
I would have suffered more if I'd worn my pointy yellow heels with this outfit - I was on my feet almost all day. However, I have worn these ballet flats a ton, so we're going to have a Flashback on them shortly.

Predictable bling:
My yellow "set".

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Leather belt - vintage, Liz Claiborne, thrifted
  • Bakelite earrings - vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes


These yellow ballet flats were the result of some browsing at the Bay department store in late July 2017 (here) - I was grabbing at all kinds of things from the sale racks to try on, until I reminded myself that I would rather make most of my purchases second-hand. I stopped and put back everything, but not these.
They are leather! And look at that colour - such a wonderful lemony yellow. They were discounted to $41.40 from the original $115.00. As you can see, they are by Karl Lagerfeld - swanky! That combination - good quality materials (comfy, long wear), excellent price and okay brand (I know it's all mass-produced) - made them a worthwhile purchase.

I wore them right away, in August 2017 with my Spanish ladies dress, which is another jammy dress that I have yet to wear this year.
 Ooh, my hair is so purple there!

I wore them again in August to go draw at a sunflower farm with Mom.
They were immediately comfortable, and of course, as we all know, yellow is a fabulous neutral.

For Vero's birthday party, in September 2017.
 I gave that Ted Baker dress to Caro.

Later in September, I was looking to the weekend.
I love pink and yellow together - this is such a cool look. I have my yellow Bakelite earrings on there.

If I have to walk somewhere in the hot months, I often turn to these shoes.
"Heh, the Woman doesn't even know I'm here."

This outfit was worn to the theatre with Mom in May 2018. Nice matchy purse!

On the other hand, this is totally a weekend look - very chill and comfy. I probably went shopping in this.
 Also in May 2018. That skirt has a bit of yellow in the pattern.

With my purple tiger blouse again. Another shopping outfit.
They're a perfect match. This was in August 2018. 

From May 2019, again picking out a colour from a pattern. 
This looks like a weekend outfit, but it could easily have been worn to work on a Casual Friday.

Going with all yellow-chartreuse-green tones here, also in May 2019.
 Very flowy and comfy. This is a casual work outfit.

This was an outfit I wore to the Ulti field in June 2019, and out for lunch after the game.
I probably went thrift shopping after! I miss my old weekends, but the new ones are still pretty good.

A pretty work outfit, in August 2019.
Once you have yellow shoes, yellow patterned clothes just magically appear!

Getting one last wear out of them in September 2019, before I pack them away for the cold months.
I love the bright cobalt blue with yellow.

So much, that I did it again in April 2020.
Loads of colour!

And here's the last time I wore them, for my last shopping trip to Turnabout earlier this month.
These shoes are still going strong, although there are small scuffs on them, and both the toes and and heels have small scrapes in the leather, but it's not super-noticeable. I will wear them to death over as many spring/summers as I can!

Mathy stuff: The current outfit is the 15th time I've worn these, bringing my cost-per-wear to $2.76. I'm very pleased with that!

Bonus cat pictures! Vizzini hid from the cleaners on Thursday morning.
"I'm supervising from under the bedcovers."

Uh-huh. Sure.

Later, there was some vigorous toe-licking going on out on the deck.
"Do you mind? I'm having a pedicure."

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Thank you so much for stopping by.


  1. Yellow shoes! What an interesting choice. Y'know I don't think I've ever worn yellow shoes before. Must rectify that! I am now dreaming of mustard block heeled shoes and creating a whole mod look around them. You've got me thinking, Shiela. X

    1. I've had multiple pairs of yellow shoes (at least 3 pairs) in the past several years, and I love how they pop off other colours. Mustard would be awesome. Happy to inspire you, Jess, thanks!

  2. I live for stripes. One of my fav prints for sure. This is such a beautiful dress.I love the navy stripes and the yellow bit. This dress looks great with the yellow accessories but I also loved seeing the old outfits and how you wore them with yellow shoes. That bomber jacket is cute. I do understand the sun coverage bit. The older I get, the less sun and I get on well together. I find that sun exposure makes me tired and I feel better more covered up.

    1. I love a bold pattern, Ivana. Thank you - my outfits with this dress are not terribly creative, but sometimes that's a nice break.

      I always try to keep out of the sun - skin cancer runs in my family.

  3. I'm not surprised you need a bit of chill time after so much physical activity. Putting people's personal detritus into boxes sounds like hell, and I wonder why they can't do it themselves when they're coming back into work? I applaud you for still dressing up for things like that, and that dress isn't only jammy, but yummy too! The bomber jacket is an excellent choice with it. I enjoyed the flashback of your yellow ballet pumps (Karl Lagerfeld :-o). Quite a versatile pair of shoes! Aww, that final, toe-licking picture of Vizzini is so cute. Hope you're having a relaxing weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. We can't have 250 coming into the office to do this, and all desks need to be available to distance the folks who do come back. It makes more sense for one person (me) to do it all, and everyone at work trusts me. It's pretty disgusting, though. People do not clean!

      I have to keep dressing up - it's keeping me sane right now, Ann. I love yellow shoes!

      Vizzini is always so cute. Happy weekend to you too, my dear!

  4. I would probably go with the yellow shoes as well, however I tend to be very matchy matchy so I'm not sure creative.

    1. It makes it easy for styling, that's for sure, Krysten!

  5. I hope you're rested and feeling good after all that tidying up and crawling under desks.
    That dress looks great on you and the yellow pumps are perfect. I haven't worn my yellow Lottas this Summer but there's something inherently cheery about having bright yellow feet, isn't there? Love all your looks!
    Poor Vizzini being spooked by the cleaners, our lads encountered a delivery man this morning and ran up the stairs and hid like crazy creatures. Loving the toe licking photo!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Sheila! xxx

    1. Getting there, Vix! The weekend is still young. :)

      Thank you so much - I also feel so cheered with yellow feet!

      He hates the noise, and the vacuum cleaner. Cats can be so skittish. Hee, we call him a filthy toe-licker. Happy weekend to you too, Vix!

  6. Crawling under desks in a dress shows that your bravery knows no bounds! Love all the yellow; it's the happiest colour :)

    Vizzini is such a pretty boy. Is he hiding from the vacuum? My cat loathes the vacuum.

    1. It felt pretty brave, Nana! Yellow is one of my therapy colours, for sure.

      Yes, he's such a chicken-cat when it comes to the vacuuum! It's a cat thing.

  7. That navy dress is beautiful on you! I always wear pants to the office on days I know I'll be doing a lot of moving, so I'm impressed you wore a pretty dress! :) It requires a lot more care while moving around, haha!

    I really like your yellow shoes too - I'd love a pair of yellow shoes, I'm very jealous of my friend's yellow Converse, maybe that's the colour I need to try next! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Mica! I like wearing pants too, but dresses are even easier. No, not really much more care - I know I'm not going to flash anyone (it's a decent length).

      You need a pair of yellow shoes!

  8. You know I love the design of this dress (you were the first to recommend it to me) and the yellow really pops. Great outfit.

    1. Fit and flare is the most feminine style ever! I love the yellow. Thanks, honey!

  9. That dress really is lovely, and it does cry out for yellow shoes! Definitely a winning outfit.

    1. Winning, yet so easy! That's the best part for me. Thanks, Shelley!

  10. Love your jammy dresses and this one is particularly Fabulous!, the stripes, the fit&flare shape, the Yellow accent, everything is so cool!
    And your yellow ballerinas are a real workhorse and love how they enhance every yellow detail so nicely!, such a joyful piece!. Lots of Brilliant outfits here!.

    1. This is a favourite one of mine - I love the bold stripes. Yes, these shoes have really performed well. I hope I can get a few more summers out of them. Thank you, Monica!

  11. Adorable dress and ballerinas. Have to leave you now. It is too bloody hot up here in my room.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! I'm envious - I wish it was hot here!

  12. I cannot imagine you crawling under desks in that outstanding dress!
    Those KL yellow shoes were such a great find.

    1. I totally did that. Ugh. People are pigs.

      They really were - a rare retail purchase for me too!


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