Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Check Mates, and New 'Vogs

Slightly cooler today, so I ventured out of the house in dark colours. Very brave of me. 
 I'm into navy blue right now. I don't know why. It just appeals to me.

  • Silk duster - Emporio Armani, thrifted; last seen here in April with flowy silk pants
  • Top - Chic by Jacob, thrifted; last worn here in May with scads of blue
  • Trousers - Banana Republic, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $19.95
  • Shoes - "I Know" Star Wars, by Irregular Choice; last seen here for Star Wars Day in May

I've brightened up all of these pictures - because navy blue is dark! - so that you can see I'm wearing matching checks! The duster and the pants totally go together!
 It's a suit! OMG, call the paper.

Allow me demonstrate my Darth Vader cape - I mean, my duster.
 It's sheer silk with velvet squares all over it.

Let me deploy it for you.
 That's a Swoosh Factor 10! The duster billowed behind me everywhere I walked - it's so fun to wear.

Without the duster. This white top has an elastic bottom - I'm also wearing a pale blue cami under it for coverage (it likes to gape open).
 The pants were great - a nice fit, very comfy.

I predict I'll get a lot of wear out of them.
 They'll stay out for my fall wardrobe, for sure.

The stuff:
 I don't wear either pair of my Star Wars shoes enough. I love these.

POLY bling:
 Confession: I built the outfit around wearing all of my Christophe Poly jewelry.

POLY collection:

  • Ring - vintage fair
  • Pendant - thrifted
  • Necklace/chain - thrifted for $7.95, first wearing
  • Both cuffs - thrifted

  • White gold earrings - Frances Jewelers, 10th anniversary gift from L

Okay, so Fluevog put all their shoes on an extra 15% off. Then they advertised free shipping! I totally bit.

These are the Rivers Tambo (linking here 'cause I love) - they came to $93.49 after the discount.
"No, YOU'RE weird!"
 I like that the top is a heart. L noted that they look much like far cheaper ones, but my friends, they don't feel like cheap shoes!

These feel amazing on, comfy right away.
 Expect to see them a lot on the weekends. I won't be wearing these to work - far too casual. I anticipate these will last me several summers.

I've been on the lookout for a funky flatter red shoe for a long time.
"Embrace Peculiarity"
 These are the Truths Pilgrim (here), and were $237.99 after the discount.

The red is really bright - it's called "Lipstick".
These are the same last/heel/family as my Truths Makena (these ones). I'm excited to wear them!


  1. I saw the matching checks as soon as I open this page -- awesome!

  2. Just read this post from Bridgette Raes (http://bridgetteraes.com/2018/07/31/listen-great-style/), and immediately thought of you, Sheila. You obviously have learned to listen to yourself in determining your style, and we, your readers, are the richer for it.

    1. Thanks so much for the link, Cynthia, I will check that out! I try to listen to my own style - but I'm also not afraid to make mistakes. It's a constant process. Aw, thank you, that is so nice of you!

  3. I had to check again the credits for your duster and trousers because they look so much like they came together! And how cute are those shoes. I have a friend who's obsessed with Star Wars and would love them.

    1. I know, right, Gail? I was so excited when I saw how well they matched. I love my SW shoes!

  4. I love that duster on you so much! I was just looking at my striped duster today actually and wishing the weather could warm up a little more so I could wear it again. I love the sandals you bought too, and I know you will create some awesome outfits with them and the red shoes!

    1. Me too! And I can only wear it when it's warm enough to be the only outer layer, so I have to get my wears in while I can. Thanks! I love both pairs of shoes - glad I splurged. :)

  5. Eeek! Those red shoes - great choice! Lise

  6. Loved the checkmate look today and those heart sandals are absolutely adorable :)
    Kailani had a chance to look at the blog after her weekend away - she noticed your sexy bangs right away to which her response was WOW HUBBA HUBBA!!!

  7. The trousers and the duster are a match made in heaven. Love the photo of you demonstrating its swoosh factor! Those red shoes! Wow, I've never seen a pair as brilliant as these. I felt a bit faint when I saw their price, but I'm sure they'll last you for many years, so are worth it! xxx

    1. Thanks, Ann! I was so pleased with that match. It's hard to do action shots on my little camera so I'm glad that one turned out. I adore the red, RED shoes - such a great colour. I do splurge on shoes every so often, but always worth it for great footwear! I save a lot of money in other areas.

  8. That silk duster is heaven., Swoosh! Fabulous shoes too. from Star Wars, to the red pointy numbers.
    Great work! Glad you bit !

    1. Thanks, Elle! What's the point if you don't have fun with and in your clothes? Thank you, me too!

  9. Fantastic outfit. Great pics at he ‘Vog sale. And I am totally loving your new bangs.

    1. Linda, thank you so much! The bangs are taking some time for me to get used to seeing!

  10. That looks great together! Looks like the same print.

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy! I was so happy to find two different brands and items that were probably made a decade apart be so close in colour and pattern!

  11. My bff would go crazy for those Star Wars shoes. I like the Pilgrim. The Poly jewelry is so so cool and I am always a fan of dusters---they are like a vibe unto themselves or something.

    1. Aren't they fun? Dusters are so much amazing to wear!

  12. I love that photo of you deploying your Darth Vader cape! This is a great outfit from top to bottom (Star Wars shoes!!!). The new sandals are very cute, and the bangs look fab!

  13. Dear Swooshy Lady,
    I am a total fan of your look ! The duster moves amazingly - you looks so good my friend.


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