Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Green Pattern, Purple Leather and a Shot of Chartreuse

As you've no doubt noticed, I've been shopping a good bit lately. It's so fun to start creating outfits with all the new things! I always try to wear new stuff right away too, to make sure it has a place in my closet. What are you saving that new thing for?
 Today's new thing is this lovely wool-blend cardigan. So pretty!

  • Cardigan - J. Crew, consignment; purchased here for $6.50
  • Top (underneath) - Jacob, thrifted; last worn here in January under embroidered velvet
  • Skirt - Chia, vintage 80s, thrifted; last seen here in February in shades of grey
  • Shoes - Half Truth Tanya, Fluevog; last worn here in March with swooshy cuffs
  • Coat (below) - I.N. Studio, thrifted

 I had many positive reactions to this outfit, including one of my coworkers who said, "I would never have thought to put green and purple together." Try looking at nature! Irises, pansies, so many flowers! How about "62 Types of Purple Flowers"? There's some inspiration right there! Add a little yellow, or blue, or pink, and play with the shades of green...the possibilities are endless.

The cardigan was excellent, very good quality. The buttons did not pop open (yay!), and the length of the sleeves and the hem were just right. B+ on this cardigan - it's a little dark, hence the slightly lower grade (I'm a hard marker).
 I adore this wonderfully purple leather skirt. Add that it has pockets (nice deep ones, too), and it's an A+ every time. I have a weakness for purple.

Outerwear. It's definitely starting to feel warmer out, even though it's mostly cloudy. I heard rumours of warm weather and sun - fingers crossed!
 I've had this thin coat for about 4 years now - I thrifted it at WIN for under $15.00, I'm sure. It's not wool, but it feels like it, and I like that the windowpane plaid is expensively lined up down the front, and then turned sideways for the waist detail. And pockets (although not deep). It's a good weight for a spring or fall day.

The stuff:
 I can wear these shoes all day long, walk in them for hours, and not a rub, no pain at all. Wonderful shoes. I feel like I lucked out on them.

Green bling:
I'd wanted to wear rings and bracelets (the cardigan sleeves needed a bracelet) but knowing that the dishwasher was still down at work, and that a giant catering order of two slow cookers (one soup, one chili), sandwiches and wraps, veggies, fruit and desserts would mean I'd be washing dishes...no rings or bracelets.

  • Necklace - J. Crew, thrifted
  • Earrings - Stella & Dot, consignment, Vancouver

I pushed back my nail-painting day to Monday to give my nails an extra day off after Ulti on Saturday. Although they were trimmed very short (to the tips of my fingers), two snapped below the line (ow!) during play and they were quite tender. I've sealed them up good now with polish to let them recover and heal. This week's colour is a Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, in "Chartreuse Chase" (this was bought in January, and my drug store here still has it, so we could be nail twins! klassy!).
I love the colour, which is a slightly iridescent acid yellow. However, it's very thin - this is 3 coats on top of a base coat, and it's still streaky. You can also see that I'm really messy at painting my nails - I always colour outside the lines (both literally and metaphorically), and then let showers and dishwashing clean up the edges for me. Tomorrow my nails will look perfect!


  1. I think green and purple look great together. For a long time I had green and purple towels in my bathroom. I have the same problem when I wear polish on my finger nails (which is not very often). By the second day it looks good after all the messy bits are gone ;)

    1. Yes! Ooh, I need purple towels - then I won't turn my towel pink, hee hee. Yeah, I just don't care enough to be that careful about my nails, when it's going to look good in a day or so. I can wait!

  2. Your think of colours in nature advice is such a good one and although I've learnt a lot from following your blog I think that's my favourite piece of advice - as it's really helped me when thinking about colour pairings. I never would have worn an orange dress and red bag together until I thought of your advice and of sunsets! :)

    I tried green and yellow together thinking it kind of matched daisies - eventually I'll get around to posting it on the blog and of course you will get a shoutout :)

    1. It's really helped me when I feel like a colour combo isn't quite right - if I can think of a flower or even a bouquet that has those colours, I know it will okay. Ooh, I love that you wore red and orange together - those look amazing together! Yellow and green is also a lovely combination - well done! You don't have to credit me, hon.

  3. CandyMan rocks green and purple like nobody's business! Love it!

  4. My two favourite colours and I can't resist a floral cardigan...you look fab,Sheila. I love your green bling!


  5. Yep, I always say that: what am I saving this for ? But then again sometimes wearing a super expensive item just for work makes me feel like I am "wasting" it... then again you got to get that CPW down ! So its mixed feelings.
    I think you look splendid here my dear Sheila, you brighten up rooms with your clothes and smile.

    1. Oh, work is where you HAVE to wear those expensive items! It really is about the CPW - buy high, get quality, wear it a lot, that's my goal. Well, hee, also, buy frivolous, buy cheap, don't feel guilty for wearing it once! Thank you, sweetheart!

  6. oh yes, Green and purple rock together! and your cardigan is a really cute piece, perfect shape, fabulous colors!, and your leather skirt is awesome!
    I'm also in the mood of 'let showers and dishwashing clean up the edges for me'! yes!

    1. Thank you, my dear! Ha, glad I am not the only one who does her nails like that.

  7. Purple and green are a great combination and these are just brill together. The cardi looks like the perfect fit and yes, a leather skirt with pockets deserves the best rating.

    Anna x

    1. Thank you, Anna! Skirts with pockets always get a higher grade!


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