Monday, May 15, 2017

Back in Black Pleather

According to the approximately 50 billion emails that Fluevog likes to send me, today is Fluevog Day! A couple of friends and coworkers excitedly noted to me that...

Victoria is getting a Fluevog store! Eeee!!! This is very exciting, but very bad for my wallet.

Anyway, very cool, and yes, I did wear Fluevogs today.

  • Dress - no label, thrifted; first worn here in March with fruital arms
  • Blouse - Violet + Claire, thrifted; last seen here (way down) in March on our trip to Vancouver
  • Boots - Effortless Sophia, Fluevog; last worn here in April with indigo and crackle
  • Coat (below) - Parkhurst, thrifted

 Second wearing of this groovy mod pleather dress - I love the gingham lining of it, even though you can't see any of it when I'm wearing it. I know it's there.
 I'm not sure how much longer I will keep this dress - there aren't many other ways to wear it. Layer blouse under it: check, done it. Jacket over it? Nope, not with that neckline. Wear it bare? Maybe, but not really likely.

Outerwear. I'm not feeling this coat anymore. It's not weather-proof, it's loud and crackly and it annoyed me today.
 Still, it's not in the giveaway pile just yet. I just can't commit to that right now.

The stuff:
 Lovely boots! I had no issues with these. It was cold and rainy today, so a good day to wear them.

Pink bling:
Nothing terribly exciting.
  • Ear-balls - Mango's
  • Ring - Uffizi Gallery gift shop


  1. Oh yey how exciting you're getting a store! :) I would think it would work out you'd actually save more money - you'd know when all the sales were and when was the right time to buy if there was one close by you could shop any time! :)

    I like that you get your wears from clothing then decide when it's time for them to go. I have a few pieces I struggle to think of new ways to wear, I should be stricter with deciding what has to stay and what I've had enough fun creating outfits around and can now leave my wardrobe!

    1. I know, I am so stoked for it! Ha, no, I will probably spend way more, now that a real Fluevog store will be only a couple blocks away!

      I do try to wear everything a few times, to see how I like it, see how well it works in my wardrobe. If I'm struggling, then it's not that hard to let something go.

  2. Great boots. Your closet is a museum of cool.

    1. Like a museum only more messy and with less labels! And more touching things!

  3. Sheila.
    Keep that dress! I �� it! So mod. Try it with a lace long sleeve top, that would look cool I think.
    Those boots, the store coming to you ! Your wallet has been forewarned. Amazing boots - I especially love the pointed toe and the quality leather. The color blocking is excellent too.
    I am going to look up this brand. Kisses, Elle

    1. Oh, Elle, you are the voice of temptation! I can't keep everything...I agree, a long-sleeved lace top would be cool.

      You need to check out Fluevog! You would love it!

  4. Oh a Fluevog store in town can be a true threat to your wallet my friend !
    I love the boots and maybe you can wear the dress over a dress, just to give it a shot ?
    And I get you on not wanting to let go of the jacket yet... although most of the time if it begins to bother you and you begin thinking of reasons to get rid of something, odds are you will.

    1. Oh, it definitely will be. I'll be in there every couple of weeks for sure!

      I don't think this dress will work layered over another dress - it's too snug for that. It's just not a versatile piece, really.

      I totally agree! As soon as it feels like I don't like something about a piece, it's almost gone in my head.

  5. You're really rocking this 60's vibe today my lovely. The leather dress is rather fab - have to worn something lace under it yet? Just a thought. And the boots, oh the boots are utterly adorable. You look amazing!

    Anna x

    1. Thank you! I don't actually have any lace things, but I like that idea - off to the thrift stores!

  6. those boots are Fabulous (with a Capital F!!) and I love them!. I like your dress too, even if it's not the most versatile one, you're right!, but the neckline and sleeves are so cool!!

  7. Oh dear, there will be sooo much temptation so close to you! I really like that dress and if it was larger I would take it off your hands. The boots are 100% FAB!

    1. I know, how am I going to handle this??! Hee, I would send it to you!


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