Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Deja Jelly-Deer

Funny how some clothing pieces can be favourites one year and then suddenly snubbed the next. 
 Like this skirt! I loved it last year...until the end of April, then never wore it again. What?

  • Sweater - Kersh modified by Pina, thrifted; first worn here in April with a poufy skirt
  • Skirt - no label, thrifted; last seen here in April with many oranges
  • Shoes - Prepare Guide, Fluevog; last worn here earlier in May with aqua accents
  • Coat (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here over my sack dress

 The Jelly-Deer (like a jelly-fish, but a deer) got lots of love, but I also love this lavender skirt, which was purchased in April last year (only $6.00), then worn twice that month, then...not at all for the rest of the summer. Maybe I overdid it, maybe it was just too hot last year to contemplate wearing it. Either way, it's a great cut and a lovely colour.
 I loved it with aqua - I felt very clever to break out of the "must wear it with a neutral" rut. Aqua is a neutral in MY wardrobe!

Today was cold, and rainy (we had thunder and lightning!), so I wore a coat.
 I also have a little soft t-shirt fabric capelet (this) on under it to keep my neck warm - it functioned as a hood on the way to work when it was trying to rain.

The stuff:
 I love these shoes. If I ever have to whittle down my shoe collection, these would make the cut.

Aqua bling:
Real turquoise!

  • Earrings - Mango's
  • Ring - Glee

I nearly forgot to do my nails last night, so I did them in a rush before bed. This colour is Sally Hansen's Insta-Dri in "Go For the Gold."
I love the sparkly colour, although you can see that it's bubbled from putting the second coat on too soon. Eh, no one looks that closely!


  1. I've actually been feeling that phenomenon in my wardrobe lately - I'm getting back into my non-maternity pieces after a bit of a break and finding I don't love them as much as I did. I'm trying to give myself a little grace with them and wait for breastfeeding to stop and everything to 'settle', but who knows, I might have a massive clear out when the warmer weather rolls around and I realise old favourites still aren't working for me. I regretted a big declutter I did in the postpartum days with my eldest so I'm wary about reducing my wardrobe too much while I'm still dealing with post-pregnancy changes, ha!

    1. That's why I like the seasonal swap-over of my clothes. It gives me a chance to rest from my clothes and then rediscover them...and see if they are still "me" or "me...now". Good luck with your next clear out! Don't toss anything you might regret - or take a picture of it first!

  2. I like this combination of colors.
    Oh the lavender skirt is so pretty Sheila. The other day I was at a thrift store and picked up a Valentino lavender skirt for 1.00 USD. I could not try it on as it was on the One dollar rack and when I got home it did not fit :(

    1. Thank you! Oh, darn, that sucks! I'm sure you'll be able to re-sell it.

  3. Love this outfit! The aqua shoes, jewellery and neck thingy are lovely with 'my' favourite coat...

  4. Jelly deer, who knew! Very cool tee and I love the skirt! I am the same way, I love some things, and then am fickle. Love the aqua as neutral, works for me! Super coat!
    xx, Elle

    1. I am very fickle. That's a thin sweater by the way, not a tee. Thank you!

  5. I like this colour pairing, which makes the two simple pieces look more interesting. I'm a fan of the Jelly Deer sweater.

  6. I fall in and out of love with my clothes from year to year too Sheila. I have bags of clothes waiting to be sold on eBay (by whom, some servant of mine perhaps?) and do love to root about in them every few months to see if I've taken a shine to something anew.

    Turquoise is a great neutral and especially in the shape of these fab shoes. They look so comfortable too.

    Anna x

    1. I do that too, with my piles of clothes for the giveaway pile. It's not very often that I pull something out, though. When I'm done, I'm done. Thank you!


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