Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Moss Green, Shades of Wine and Velvet

Gads, what a busy day! I am so glad to be home to be having someone else clean my home. A quick blog post and then drag my sicky husband to Subway for dinner. We are classy that way.
I had many raves over this outfit today. People liked the flowiness and floweriness of the top, as well as all the different shades of wine, red, purple and pink.

  • Blouse - no label, thrifted; purchased and first worn here (4th outfit) in January
  • Skirt - Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, vintage 80s, thrifted; purchased here for $34.95
  • Shoes - Sencha Teapot, Fluevog; last worn here in September for the vintage expo
  • Grape Ape coat (below) - Forever 21, thrifted

I wore this blouse tucked in this time, and liked it much better without all that floofy business below the drawstring waist. Fussy stuff. I can't read the content tags (they are in Chinese) but it's 100% something. I thought it was polyester, but after wearing it all day, and noting how it wrinkled where it was tucked into my tights (the trick to keeping blouses from bunching around the middle), I do believe it is silk. Anyway, still very happy with it, and for $12.99, even happier.

The skirt was the star, though. Yves Saint Laurent! I wish you could reach through the screen (well, no, that's creepy, let's not wish for that), but it is the softest velvet ever.
It was quite wrinkled when I bought it, like someone had stuffed it in a bag for 30 years (certainly possible), and gave it a good steaming last night which restored it to full glory. It did wrinkle like mad again across my lap and my butt during the day, but at least now I know I can get 'em out.

Bwah! Behold the Grape Ape coat! My burgundy wool Parkhurst fingerless gloves for the win.

The stuff:
I love the rich pinky red of these shoes. I've been browsing the new arrivals online at Fluevog in preparation for our annual pilgrimage (coming soon!). Whatever shall I do? Which ones to buy?

Pink bling:
So much sparkle, my heart can hardly stand it! So rare to find a set of Sherman crystal earrings and necklace. I still cackle that I only paid $22.00 for the set.

  • Earrings and necklace - Sherman, vintage 60s, vintage fair
  • Fulvia Ring - Wendy Brandes

Thank you all for your good vibes and wishes for me to get better. Today was my first drug-free day and it was not too bad...amazing what kind of substances one's body produces!


  1. I can almost feel the velvet... I almost touched the screen !
    I would have never imagined you'd wear silk in that weather.

    1. Hee, it is really the softest velvet ever, almost like a silk velvet. Silk is both warm and cool - it's great all year 'round.

  2. I'm sorry L is feeling poorly and hope he feels better very soon!

    What a lovely top on you. The angel sleeves are really fun. And that necklace and earrings set is just spectacular.

    1. He's a trooper, back at work today. Thank you so much, JS! I love the necklace and earrings, although I don't wear them too much.

  3. You have Subways in Canada?! I thought you guys were above that. Actually I'm in the process of writing a blog-post on unique Canadian expressions, most of which relate to things you consume. It's fascinating how Canada can be so close and, due to our common language, seem so similar yet have real differences. For example, you have a political leader who isn't crazy...

    1. Yes, of course we do! They've been here for decades! ;-P I watched that doc, "Being Canadian" that you recommended - it was okay, although a bit stereotyping and shallow (and they didn't cover my city!). Yes, Justin isn't crazy - this is a big plus...

  4. Gorgeous blouse; gorgeous skirt; gorgeous shoes; fabulous jewellery and brilliant Grape Ape coat - you are truly a sight for sore eyes!

    And you're better - who could ask for more?

    1. Thank you so much, Veronica! I could ask for wine and chocolate...

  5. And so you seem to by firing on all cylinders again my dear? Well done!
    I wouldn't mind a sneaky stroke of your velvet skirt, but won't poke my hand through the screen in case you freaks you out. The flowery top is pretty and would be a nice contrast to the sleek velvet. I love all of your sparkles - what a bargain!

    Anna x

    1. Yup, I'm nearly back to full power, Anna! Thank you! Ha, well, all right, you can pat my skirt. I know, right? Bargain on the sparklies!


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