Friday, February 17, 2017

Finally Friday...70s Flashback

Gads, it's Friday...I am a phlegm factory, hacking up hairballs right and left. Today was a super-busy day, prepping for 6 desk moves, 2 new people on Monday, and carpet cleaning of our entire office starting tonight. I am just bagged.
Bagged = exhausted. I'm putting on a good face - "Fake it till you make it" is one of my mottos - but I'm just wiped by this plague. I'd love some downtime over the weekend, but I have double social events tomorrow and another on Sunday. Golly, life is tough. *cough*firstworldproblems*cough*

  • Sweater - Prova, vintage 70s, thrifted; purchased here for $5.00
  • Trousers - Banana Republic, thrifted; last seen here in January with floral shoes
  • Shoes - Go Fresh, thrifted; last worn here (3rd outfit) for a Sunday theatre matinee with Mom
  • Coat (below) - last company corporate swag, purchased in an online auction

First wearing of this "whoa, flashback" sweater from the 1970s. I washed it, which brought out a bunch of white dog hair (!). Strange. Anyways, it was nice to wear, although when I was moving things around in the office, I got suddenly flushed and then it was unbearably warm.
The "orange" stripe in the sweater is actually pink, but I figured that the pants pulled the same-ish colour. Of course, back in the day, I would have been wearing bell bottoms!

This is a very thick leather jacket. It's good when I don't want a lot of bulk. Just my red Parkhurst gloves - it's quite mild out now. Hard to believe that just over a week ago, we were in a snowstorm!

The stuff:
I have decided that the shoes are gone. I don't like the look of them, comfortable as they are. Wedges are not really me.

In addition to this wear, and the "last worn" noted above, I wore them 6-7 times in a year, and paid $16.95 for them. I'm totally good with letting them go.

Blue bling:
Good ol' blue.

  • Earrings - local
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes

Here's a little real 70s flashback for you.
This is around 1976, the same era as the sweater I wore today. I'm standing on our back deck (nice open sides, safety first, kids!), looking at our neighbour's backyards. I'm wearing a floppy cotton hat with Mickey Mouse on it (my name is embroidered on the front brim - I got it in Disneyland), a polyester rainbow top, and awesome high-waisted white cotton shorts.

Happy weekends, my friends!


  1. Hi Sheila! I read your blog daily! This is my first time commenting. Thank you for the throw back photo of you as a girl. My mom has similar backyard folding chairs that still live on her porch! I noticed in a recent post that you said your "real" shoes never encounter the weather. Aha! That's how you keep them in such good condition! How do you transport them to work? I'm imagining a cute bag. Happy weekend and feel better! Goodness!

    1. Mel-Bee, thank you so much for commenting! I'm glad you enjoyed the photo - we had those chairs (and matching loungers) for so long, that plastic rotted away! I'm going to address your shoe question in today's post, shortly. Thank you - I'm getting better.

  2. I had the same outfit, but my Disney World hat was a bucket hat and had paneled sides which were blue, orange and yellow. Exact same top.

    1. Ha! We really didn't have a lot of variety back then, did we?

  3. I smiled at the flashback photo - I had a very similar top! It wasn't rainbow, it was blue and my sister had a purple one. I remember our grandma got us it for Christmas one year. Now I'm trying to remember what holiday it was - perhaps it was from when she went to Canada!

    Hope you manage to get some great rest in-between events this weekend :)

    1. Another one! That is so funny that we all had these tops! Thanks so much, Mica!

  4. You look so cute in the flashback photo and those shorts are fab!

    I really like this outfit; the top just gives me a big does of nostalgia and I love it with the trousers. I'm not a great fan of wedge shoes either - they always tend to make feet slide forward!

    Hope you fully recover this week.

    1. Thanks, Veronica, getting better slowly. Glad you enjoyed the flashback!

  5. Love that photo of you as a kid - you still have the same smile! I'm pretty sure I had one of those smocked tops too, as did most of us during that time period.

    Hope you feel better by the end of the weekend - do you have Monday off for "Family Day" or is that an Ontario thing?

    1. Do I? It sure seems like we all had this top - at least 4 of us! Our Family Day was last weekend, for some reason.

  6. I adore the shot of you in the seventies! You had style even then!
    sorry about the plaque, wah! :(
    but you look great here, love the Missoni like top and red pants, and the square toes shoes with gems, makes me happy!
    xx, Elle

    1. Ha, thank you, Elle! The plague is fading a bit, better every day.

  7. love the pic of you as a kiddo, with that scrunchy shirt and shorts, and those deck chairs....perfectly captures the period.

  8. Working backwards as usual Sheila and I'm hoping that you're about to report an improvement in your health sweetie x


  9. Awww look at the 1976 Sheila ! I am sure she'd be thrilled to see you today :)


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