Monday, February 20, 2017

Deconstructed Poppies and How I Transport My Shoes

Happy Family Day to all my Canadian friends! For some reason, my province (BC) celebrates it a week before the other provinces. I would have liked a day off today! 
A simple outfit for a busy day. My plague is abating, but I'm still really tired. And of course, I passed it on to L. Sorry, love!

  • Blazer - Jacob, thrifted; last worn here in December 2016 with purple plaid
  • Dress - Desigual, thrifted; purchased here for $5.00
  • Shoes - Calvin Klein; last seen here in November 2016 with my Wonder Woman ensemble
  • Coat (below) - Samuel Dong, thrifted 

 As this dress has a halter-style neckline, I need to wear something over the shoulders or all my bra straps and sides are exposed. I thought this nice teal blazer worked well.

I adore the square floral pattern on the front of the dress - it reminded me of deconstructed poppies, you know, like Duchamp or Picasso would paint.
Shame about the back. Why would you leave that all so boringly beige? *shudder* I just pretended that wasn't there.

I could have worn a hat and scarf (and regretted not doing so), but my hair was going nicely sideways swooshy and I didn't want to mess it up. Parkhurst gloves.

The stuff:
Shiny red shoes...

Silver bling:
Simple pieces that don't fight with those square poppies.

  • Cuff - Glee
  • Earrings - Tania Gleave

A few readers, including Mel-Bee (hello! thanks for the comment!) have asked me how my shoes stay so pristine. Answer: I don't wear them outside! If I do, it's never more than a couple of blocks at the very most.

I carry my shoes to work in a plastic bag. This one:
It rains a lot here, so I don't want them to get wet. Plastic it is. I reuse the same bag until it starts to fall apart, and then I find another one.

Then my shoes go into this reusable cloth bag that my mother-in-law gave me about 15 years ago. I use this bag when I go shopping (it rolls up into a little fist-sized package), and I also carry my lunch bag in it on the way to and from work.
Loaded with shoes and lunch there. A pair of boots also fits in this bag, in case that's what I'm wearing. It holds a lot.

And this is what I REALLY look like when I'm just about to leave for work. I have my walkin' shoes on - right now, these lovely thrifted white leather floral Doc Martens are my shoe of choice - my shoe/lunch bag on one shoulder, and my cross-body gold leather snakeskin print purse holding the shoe bag in place.
Getting my ear-buds ready for my tunes while I walk. Just gotta grab my coffee and off I go!


  1. Desigual pieces are always reminiscent of the singing flowers in Alice In Wonderland. In my mind, at least. And so graphically happy. I'm particularly fond of your dress with that coat. So many ruffles. So delightfully feminine with nary a trace of kiddish girliness :)

    1. Ooh, what a wonderful description, Sheela! I love the ruffly coat too, thank you!

  2. Lovely outfit, I love your dress and how perfectly it matches your jacket and those red shoes!, fabulous color combo!!And you're right: shame about the back!
    I like to see your Real Life in action!, thanks for sharing!

    1. It's so silly, why would they leave the back blank? I love the front so much, though. Thank you, my dear!

  3. You look like a woman on the move - a very stylish one. I like how you do the switcheroonie thing with the shoes. The often-wet weather is a torture on footwear - and spirits sometimes too. I'm glad you are recovering though. Get well soon!, to L.

    So the beige back, yeah, it's like they ran out of budget or something. Or they want you to do that whole turn-around-and-yelling-SURPRISE! thing. But I still love the dress.

    1. Thanks, Melanie! I have to do that, or my shoes (and my feet) would be thrashed, especially with out we(s)t coast weather. If I ever find another one of these dresses, I'm going to sew them together to make a full one!

  4. I adore this dress despite the lack of excitement on the back, but hey as long as you don't see it, well it doesn't exist does it? The jacket and shoes combo are a beautiful choice to create this utterly elegant offering today Sheila. Your pins look so slender and shapely in those red shoes!
    Anna x

    1. Right, I guess that is the idea - only look at me from the front! Thank you so much much, Anna! Hee, my pins!

  5. I absolutely love this this outfit - it's the colours! It looks fab on you and I agree it's weird the back of the dress is so plain. If it was reversible I could understand it but it's not is it?

    You are so good to carry shoes with you to work so they stay pristine. I couldn't be bothered....

    1. No, it's not reversible! I just can't comprehend leaving the back so blah and boring. Really, you couldn't spare an extra two yards of printed fabric? I have ruined so many shoes in the weather. I treasure my collection, so I take care of them.

  6. That dress was such a marvellous find Sheila ! and now I KNOW why your shoes look so pristine :)
    Thank you for your message, I am trying to figure out my action plan.

    1. It is so pretty (shame about the back). Yes, now you know! Good for you, my dear. Take care.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. Don't post links again, or I will not publish your comments going forward. I do not put advertising on my blog.


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