Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Primary and Picador

Another day, still trying to get through all the things I haven't worn in my closet this season (one month to go!), and also wear all of my favourite things another time. 
I have too many outfits and not enough days to wear them all. Wow, life is tough.

  • Sweater - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last worn here in January to a hockey game
  • Skirt - no label, handmade, vintage 50s, thrifted; last seen here in November 2015 to do a WW meeting
  • Shoes - Calvin Klein; first worn here last week when I was being Wonder Woman

"Blah, blah, open this door, woman!"
When I put the pieces for this outfit together, I built it around this glorious vintage 1950s circle skirt. Check it out, it has a picador on it.
And he's stabbing the bull (as picadors do). How nice for work.

I picked out the two red items immediately (both the shoes and the merino wool sweater are a bright true red, not pink as they sort of look here). I knew I wanted to wear a scarf at my neck, as Lorena's been doing lately - check her out here! First, I was going to do a blue scarf, but decided to go with the 3rd primary colour.
"The coolest cats wear black and white."
You can't go wrong with combinations of primary colours: red, blue, yellow. It's a winner every time.

The stuff:
Such awesome shoes. I had to wear them again in less than a week.

Primary bling:
It's a winning combination.

  • Silk scarf - vintage, thrifted
  • Earrings - local


  1. What an incredible skirt! I love your whole outfit - colour, life, Fabulous! xx

  2. Love the red and yellow together with the blue! I also like that you said you have too many outfits - often I think I have too many clothes, not necessarily outfits. I want to have a much better grip on my wardrobe :)

    1. Have you ever tried doing a 30-item capsule wardrobe, Mica? It's a really good way to figure out quickly what the "orphans" are in your closet, and it really improves one's outfit-building skills. You can do it!

  3. Spectacular my dear She ! The colors and the idea of the scarf work wonderfully.
    It had been a while since you sported that singular circle skirt.

    1. I know, far too long! It's a little too warm in the hot weather for it, and because of the way the waist does up, not a lot of my tops work with it.

  4. That circle skirt is the bee's knees! I can't believe you haven't worn it during the summer. Love the primary colours, and the 50's inspired neck scarf.

    1. It's a very heavy cotton, Shelley - more like a canvas, almost - so far too warm for most of the summer, which is why I keep it out all year round. Thank you!

  5. That skirt is incredible. If it ever outlived its wearableness (rips, tears, etc.) you should frame it!

    1. I may do that one day, but my intent is to wear it and love it as it was meant to be.

  6. Totally gorgeous, every bit of it! Yes, the shoes are so sexy and need to be worn often as you look amazing in that style. Fabulous x

  7. Another fantastic combination. Love the shoes. Have to remember to combine yellow with red and blue. I always combine them with white but that doesn't really count does it?

    1. Sure, white counts, why not? Wear what you like! I'm just happy to provide a wee bit of inspiration.


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