Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bigass Weekend Wrap-Up: Camo Pants, Cat Pictures, a Sack Dress, a Silk Dress, a 90s Dress and Shopping

Another weekend nearly in the bag, and woo, it's been a hot one! Until today, we've had temps nearly up to 30 - we're such delicate flowers, we're melting. 

Without further ado, here we go - Friday's outfit! 
Camo pants! I admit to bouncing around in these and squealing with glee - they are that awesome.

  • Blouse - Max Studio, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in July with a jungle
  • Pants - Gap, consignment; purchased here a week ago for $9.50
  • Shoes - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here in December 2015 with a crocheted dress

I had fun joking with my coworkers. "Where's Sheila?" - ha, get it? I'm in camo! I also said I wore orange to avoid getting shot. Probably in poor taste!
I just loved this outfit, and wore it out after work on Friday for dinner with L.

The stuff:
I don't wear these shoes that often anymore, but they are still comfy and useful. Everyone needs bronze snakeskin shoes!

Simple bling:
I kept it minimal.

  • Cuff - Trifari, vintage, thrifted
  • Earrings - thrifted

Vizzini will flop anywhere in the heat.
"You caused this, didn't you?"
He never sits still for long, though.
"I'll forgive you for the heat, if you rub my tum." 
By the time I left for work, he was stretched out on the chair, watching the seagulls.
"I have very important work to do here."
On Friday night, L and I played board games. Vizzini kept me company on the couch.
"I sit here now."
He looked so funny - he's hanging onto the edge of the cushion while the rest of him is sandwiched between it and the back of the couch.
"Are you making fun of me?"
He shifts around a lot, looking for the best position.
And lastly...
"Leave me alone, woman."
Up bright and early Saturday morning for a brutal game of Ultimate.
A cotton dress and easy shoes were needed.

  • Dress - Joe Fresh, thrifted; last worn here (2nd outfit) in September 2015 with these same shoes for Ulti!
  • Capelet (below) - no label, consignment; purchased here for $7.50
  • Shoes - Franco Sarto, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in July for a stroll to town

We had 3 guest players, all guys in their 30s. Wow, did we have to run! I am not in my 30s anymore...
Nick, L and I went for brunch after.
My capelet kept the sun off my fresh ink. 

The stuff: 
Fewer things are good in the heat.

  • Earrings - gift from Simar

Last night, Karen had a few of us over to her house while the men hung out together at Casey's. It was still swelteringly hot. Gimme a dress!
Pure silk and barely touching me - that's the ticket.

  • Dress - All Saints, consignment; first worn here in July
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last worn here (4th outfit) for a stroll to town in early July

No slip under the dress this time, and I spent the evening barefoot, sipping wine, eating yummy food and chilling out with my wonderful women.

Vizzini was unhappy that both L and I were out all night.
"You better give me my kitty treats when I get home!"
I got home around 2:30am! And yes, he did get his treats then.

The stuff:
Those shoes are like slippers.

  • Bracelet - Fossil, gift from L
  • Earrings - Fossil, thrifted

Today, it was off to town (after I slept in, how luxurious!).
I dressed to shop for clothing...and bra shopping. I hate bra shopping; it's almost as bad as swimsuit shopping. 

  • Cardigan - Jacob, thrifted; last seen here (3rd outfit) last weekend for shopping with Yvonne
  • Dress - Mica, thrifted; first worn here (3rd outfit) in June to the Ulti field
  • Shoes - Born, consignment; last seen here (3rd outfit) in that same shopping outfit last weekend

It was much cooler today, although really windy.
This dress doesn't have any zippers or buttons - it can go on by stepping into it or pulling it over my head. Great for shopping.
I found 4 bras (gack! so expensive!), so be ready for my new and improved gravity-defying boobular region!

The stuff:
Comfiest shoes ever.

  • Necklace - vintage fair
  • Earrings - Aldo Accessories

After my grocery shop, I went to Flavour Upstairs. I always have great luck there. I spent about 2 hours going through everything in the store - it was lovely and relaxing.

I found this gloriously glittery necklace for $8.00.
I love the tones of pink, purple, brown and orange in it.

A close-up:

This bracelet was also small enough for my wrist.
Those are real stones, but the piece isn't super high quality. It was $6.00.

I couldn't resist this pink pencil skirt.
It's SO pink! And it has pockets!

It was $12.99 and it's by Studio J,
It was made in Vancouver, and it's a size 10, but fits like a modern size 6 so...pre-Great Size Shift of the late 1980s. Vintage!

This orange-y/red skirt is actually leather!
Me and mini-shirts - I'm having a bit of a love affair with them lately. Won't this be fabulous with tights and boots in the fall?

It's by J. Crew, and was only $14.99.
It's a smidge big on me, so sits more on my hips than at the waist, which is fine.

This called to me.
Linda Carter-era Wonder Woman? Yes, I am all over that! This was $9.99.

After my bra shopping, I happened to wander through the shoe department at the Bay. I probably should not have done that.
But look! Shiny lipstick red shoes! These are by Calvin Klein and were $155,00 marked down to $116.00, plus an extra 55% off - so they were $52.80.

I needed a classic red pump - of course I did!
These are super comfortable, a nice heel height.

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  1. I love the entire camo outfit, the capelet, and your new necklace. Also, Wonder Woman!

    1. Thanks so much, Danielle! Wonder Woman rules - I can't wait to wear that.

  2. You're not alone, Sheila: I love your orange-and-camo outfit too! I am also wondering how I've gotten this far without bronze snakeskin pumps — I admire these each time you wear them. Thanks meanwhile for the tip on the new red CKs at The Bay ... I popped over to the website and there they are, in my size ($10 more than you paid though)... so they're sitting in my cart now while I mull them over!
    Can't wait to see the new Wonder Woman tee! (If anything ever called for a new bra ... ha!)

    1. Ooh, that's so exciting that you found the shoes in your size, Sherry! I hope you get them! They're such a great classic, as are the bronze ones.

  3. Love that orange and camo outfit so much! :)

    Hope it cools for you soon - as summer is nearly over and 30 is still quite hot I would have thought? We had a summer that continued into autumn earlier this year, it was a killer!

    1. Thanks, Mica! I loved it. It's already much cooler here - 30 is VERY hot for us.

  4. Love the camo! And the silk dress ( I need a similar for our scorching summer), and the red pumps. And V. of course - my cat Skinny does the same dance on the back of the sofa. xox


    1. Thank you, Patti! The silk dress is the best - it would be lovely in Florida. Hee, Skinny does that too? Silly kitties.

  5. So many great looks and finds. I especially love the camo pants and the first dress. You styled everything beautifully!

  6. I have been on the hunt (did I really say that?) for a camo piece (again, really?) to wear with a pair of bright pink jeans I have. What a pleasant surprise to see you pop up today wearing those great camo slacks! LOVE! And those second two dresses are such wonderful compliments to your new tattoo. I'm so happy that tattoos have entered the realm of classiness. You did again, girlfriend!

    1. Camo is awesome! I am not 100% sure about pink camo, though - it would have to be pretty special! Thank you so much for your kind words, Susan!

    2. I wasn't thinking PINK's the traditional GREEN camo I am looking for. And the pink jeans are more of a RASPBERRY pink. Tee-hee! I am definitely not a pink chick. Even the raspberry pink jeans are a stretch for me.

    3. Oh, gotcha, sorry, Susan! Ha! Those raspberry jeans sound fabulous!

  7. Camo, camo, I see it everywhere and it's sucking me in! These camo pants don't help, Sheila. It's one of those things I have been resisting and as soon as it disappears, I'll have some have some. I'm slow like that. Hahaha. I'm with you on the dresses - the best way to beat the heat which has come with our full-blast summer at last. It's almost like a mini-desert - hot in the day, cool at night. And the capelet, that's the best little thing to add interest to anything - and a great way to hide your new ink! Good job keeping up with the young'uns at Ulti. What is running?

    1. I see it, but it wasn't until I actually saw these pants that I was like, "I must have them!" I'm slow on trend bandwagons as well, but pfft, it's not like camo won't be "in" again soon enough, right?

      Running is evil. You should avoid it.

  8. The camo trousers are A+, the Joe Fresh dress too !
    I am not sure I said it before but the hair color is dashing - you look gorgeous She.
    AND I cannot believe you got that J Crew skirt for such a steal.

    1. Thank you! The hair is fading out to a nice purple blend now, my favourite part of the "dye cycle". I know, finding J. Crew stuff so cheap is awesome.

  9. Those shoes!!! What a beguilingly beautiful pair of red pumps, made all the more special by the wee band of gold at the back of the heel. Fabulous score and addition to your awesome footwear wardrobe.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  10. Sheila I had no idea I needed camo trousers, but now I do! Great styling too with those heels. Oh how I wish I'd thought that one up. Love the dress you wore to go shopping - perfect for whipping on and off, but also really works so well with all of your artwork. And those CK heels, wow!
    Anna x

  11. Camo style a la tres stylish!! And a trip back to the 60's with the cotton short dress and big earrings - I love it on you, those little sleeves and the interesting neckline. xx

    1. Thank you! I wasn't too sure about the dress when I got it, but it's wonderful in hot weather.

  12. The camp pants look fabulous on you, Sheila! I do love anything khaki with red or orange. It's such a great combo!
    Suzy xx


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