Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Dotty for Pink (and More Bra Talk)

As my mom will attest, I loathed pink for the longest time. No more! 
The pink sections in the thrift, vintage and consignment stores are my favourites (right after the purple). You never know what you might find.

  • Jacket - Boom Boom Jeans, thrifted; last worn here in January with triple flares
  • Skirt - Studio J, thrifted; purchased here on the weekend for $12.99
  • Shoes - Chie Mihara; last seen here (2nd outfit) in May with a spectacular green satin dress

It delights me that (not including the shoes) this outfit cost me less than $25.00. 

I'm wearing a vintage cami under this, and another new bra. I should have worn a proper cami, but Morning Brain wasn't working without its coffee, so I was adjusting this jacket all day.

My new bra is by Wacoal and it's called the "retro chic" with the fully-structured non-stretchy lace cups. It's bright blue - that's what you get on the clearance rack! It was regular $78.00 (I know, I choked too) marked down to $53.00, so I bought what the Bay had in my size (two of 'em, both blue). This is likely to be my daily bra, just because it makes my figure look awesome. Lock and load 'em, ladies! I do love how small my waist looks when my boobs are hiked up an extra half-inch.
Peplum action in the back! This skirt was awesome for its first wear - pockets, summer-weight wool, oh my!

The stuff:
Are you dotty for my shoes? I certainly am! These are not as towering as they look, since they have a hidden platform. Also, Chie Mihara makes wonderfully comfortable shoes, worth every penny (and they cost many pennies).

Pink bling:
First wearing of this new-to-me bracelet, which I purchased with the skirt for $6.00.

  • Earrings - local
  • Bracelet - thrifted


  1. I loveeee how this look Sheila - and I am delighted to see your bright hair matching your clothes.
    I've tried Wacoal and have done ok with the brand. Just recently I picked up about 10 exact bras as they just made me feel marvelous and held everything in place - which is just what this Wacoal one seems to be doing for you.. I wonder, have you ever tried vintage bras ?

    1. People do love it when I match my clothes, ha! My friend recommended it to me - I've previously had really good luck with Triumph. Whatever works, right?? Ugh, no, vintage or second-hand bras are where I draw the line. No way.

  2. yea, for the bras. I too have tried Wacoal but found I love, love Chantelle even more. The girls can be so expensive! teehee
    Those shoes are killer!

  3. Great shoes!! $50 a bra is about what I'm willing to pay, too.

  4. Well, there's pink, and there's PINK! Am totally with you on a deep, saturated, hot pink. Hate and despise a mamby-pamby pale baby pink.

    1. Pink rocks my world, and even baby pink (in the right garment, maybe) is not awful. Thanks, Lin!

  5. Backward reading again Sheila, so am a step behind the bra talk. However, my older girlfriend always talked to me about the importance of good foundations ie a decent set of undies to set off our clothes well. Your figure is looking vaaa-vaaa-vooom today, so you've surely got everything in place here. Pert boobs, tiny waist = W-O-M-A-N, I'll say it again. What was that song?
    Anna x

    1. Ha, I know that song! Thank you, Anna! It's all about how you dress what you've got.

  6. Really, really lovely outfit. Hot pink/fuschia and denim are so gosh darn awesome together.

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica


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