Friday, May 13, 2016

Pink Nightgown for Work, a Naughty Kitty, and Pink and Purple Shopping Scores

Woo hoo! It's Friday! I'm going to try to get this posted before Mom arrives - we are all going out for dinner for her birthday.
Pink packs a powerful punch!

  • Nightgown - Marulong, thrifted; purchased here for $5.00
  • Trousers - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last seen here (4th outfit) on the weekend for Sunday brunch 
  • Sandals - Ralph Lauren, thrifted; last worn here in April with Mom jeans
  • Jacket (below) - Lord & Taylor, thrifted; last seen here yesterday also as outerwear

I had a lot of strong reactions to this outfit - a few "whoa, my eyes" (I get that a lot), but mostly compliments on this cool top. But yes, you read that right - it's actually a nightgown.
"No one cares about your - ... is that a moth?"
I felt so subversive.

My usual outerwear these days. I love my straw hat.
It was (and still is!) super warm out, so I don't really need a jacket, but I always prefer physical clothing as sunblock over chemicals on my skin.

The shoes (no stuff picture, as these are a pain to take on and off, and I'm wearing the same outfit out for dinner).
"You should feed me, woman."
He was a royal pain. I kept shoving him out of the way so I could take a feet-selfie.
"My stomach takes priority over your feet!"
Hee, I like his little white turkey leg.

You may admire my green toes, just touched up this morning.

Black and gold bling:
It's a set! 

  • Leather wrap - local
  • Bangle - Trifari, thrifted, vintage 60s
  • Earrings - local

My coworker Lesley told me about a funky jumpsuit in the window of the crappy thrift store around the corner from where we work. You know, I need to take more mini-breaks from work, plus it was Friday, so off we went for a 10-minute jaunt! 

The jumpsuit was not my bag, baby, but this was! 
That is a gorgeous lilac 100% lambswool blazer!

It's by Talbot's and it's made in Italy.
And only $10.00! What a score.

I also spotted this knit skirt.
It's a lovely cut, goes to just past the knees.

It has no label but it's in good condition.
And for $6.00, this dusty rose skirt is mine, all mine!

Both items will be put away for cooler weather - I often shop out of season for treasures.

And...there we go, I made it - Mom's not even here yet. I have a fairly quiet weekend ahead, but I'll be back on Sunday with my wrap-up. Have a fab weekend, everyone!


  1. Love the pink nightgown and pants together - I was wondering how you would wear it, such a fun and colourful outfit, no wonder it got a lot of compliments.

    Enjoy your weekend Sheila.

  2. That first outfit is so... Sheila-esque! I smiled broadly when I first saw it. I hope you know how much joy you add to the world when you express your individuality and charm. You're special!

  3. Pink, glorious pink Sheila! You wear it so well. I love the sunhat and yes, the beautiful jacket once again. And why doesn't it suprise me that you're sporting green nailpolish? You are an absolute one-off, and that's why we all love you. Enjoy your weekend x

  4. I love the hot pink artwork! You wear this color so beautifully. Hope dinner was a blast, and that your weekend is dreamy. xox


  5. Funny thing, you're using the night gown as a dress and I "got rid" of a dress by turning it into a night gown.


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