Monday, May 16, 2016

Giving the Cold Shoulder

I'm maybe overly vintage in today's outfit. This blouse is loudly and proudly 1994-ish. They call these "cold shoulder" blouses, although I don't remember them being referred to as that back in the day.
The skirt is around 1986-1987. Everyone wore leather pencils skirts then!

  • Blouse - Le Chateau, thrifted, vintage 90s; last worn here in February with more dots
  • Skirt - Evan Davies, thrifted, vintage 80s; last seen here (6th outfit, way down at the bottom) a week ago with teal
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here (4th outfit) with all yellow a couple of weeks ago
  • Blazer (below) - Banana Republic, thrifted; last seen here way back in July 2015 for the trip to Vancouver for the Bigass Blogger Meet-up!

I remembered that I had to wear something high-waisted with this micro-polka-dotted blouse, and that even with a high-waisted bottom, I'm still at risk of exposing my fish-belly white skin. I safety-pinned my black camisole straps together to hide them and the world was saved!
I had a nice compliment from one of my coworkers, who actually noted how unusual my outfit was, to have yellow accents of the shoes and jewelry. I like when people notice those things. I probably would have worn black shoes if I hadn't been doing a capsule.

My outerwear consisted of this basic black blazer.
Somber Monday face
Everyone needs one, right?

The stuff:
A lot of yellow! I don't mind that they don't all match, either. The cuff is a real marigold yellow, the earrings have more orange in them, and the shoes are definitely lemon.

Yellow bling:
I do like it when they match.

  • Cuff - thrifted
  • Earrings - Bakelite, vintage fair


  1. I have a cold-shoulder turtleneck! (Because, you know, sometime your neck is cold and your shoulders are hot!)

  2. Oh my I had about 6 leather pencil skirts in 1986-88, I wish I'd kept them. Though mostly they were too hot here in Oz. You look fabulous today,

  3. Those shoulder cut-outs are sexy and I prefer that the yellow doesn't perfectly match!

  4. All these groovy names came the second time around, when we needed to brand every single thing. I love the blouse and your how-to-save-the world technique. Hahaha. So effective yet so simple. I never had a pencil skirt, so sad. Love all the things, especially competing yellows!

  5. Sheila,

    I remember wearing a leather (mini) pencil skirt in 1971! I love your yellow accents - I've been after a yellow bangle for yonks and can't find one....What an unusual shirt that is!


  6. Theres my fav pink skirt again.. I LOVE IT. Your hair looks fantastic too!!! Cool blouse.. a little peekaboo never hurts :)

  7. glad you had some compliments on your accessorizing, 'cause you rock!!, love those yellow accents, and they're distant enought to don't be perceived as different shades of yellow, they look fabulously bright and cool!
    Love your pencil skirt and also love your shirt, such an original shape!, fabulous outfit!

  8. WOW - You look so polished She (well you always do, even playing sports...) I love the version where you added the jacket.

  9. You're bang on trend on this side of the pond Sheila. Lots of these tops for sale and on UK blogs. That's what they say though isn't it? If you keep it long enough it'll come back into fashion. It's a great outfit and the punch of yellow is fabx


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