Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Pink Ice Cream - Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mom! 
A glimpse of my full-length slip, keeping this out of the "too sexy" realm
For years when I was younger, Mom put me in pink. I've finally embraced it. It only took nearly 50 years.

  • Sweater - Harrod's, consignment; last seen here a week ago with yellow (who knew?)
  • Skirt - Mackage, thrifted; purchased here for $39.95
  • Shoes - Elegant Conversations Kendra, Fluevog; last worn here with a buh-bye blue dress

I actually really struggled with my outfit this morning (L will be surprised - this is not what I was wearing when he left this morning). I had another outfit planned (Danger Pants!), but I felt too casual for the office - Danger Pants are for Fridays and weekends. I have changed up one of my skirts in this capsule so that I have more options for work. I've also removed this sweater and traded it for a blouse, as it's way too hot to be wearing cashmere, even in an air-conditioned office. 

I love the shade of pink that this cashmere sweater is, however - it reminds me of that exact shade of strawberry ice cream. So is the skirt the cone? The waffle bowl?

First wear of the skirt and I had a couple of issues. One, it does up with snaps, and the bottom two snaps pop open if you even look at them. Two, it spins when I walk, but that's not a huge deal - and I did aggravate that by wearing a full slip underneath this outfit. Slip + spinny skirt = readjustments.
I resolved the snap issue easily enough: I super-glued two of them closed. I can get the skirt on without opening them, so not even a problem. A middle snap popped open a few times when I sat down, but it wasn't a crucial "I am the snap that keeps this skirt on" snap.

The stuff:
Holy smokes, how did I live without these neutral shoes? Although now that I've worn them a few times, flats are calling to me. "Sheila, flats are your friend..."

Neutral bling:
Tres blingy.

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Necklace - Banana Republic, consignment

Off to call Mom!


  1. Love those Fluevog's on you--in fact, I loved them so much when they first appeared on your blog, that I bought myself a pair about a month ago! John F. should have you on a commission salary! Adore your snappy blog!

  2. The skirt is fab Sheila and that was a clever ploy with the superglue! Those shoes are amazing and I love the necklace. The cashmere top is lovely but definitely agree that it's too hot for cashmere - today was a glorious day in the UK.



  3. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to hold it all together !
    I really like the color combo and its funny how we "name" our clothes, you mention Danger Pants and today I'm wearing Josephine.

  4. Yes, we were indeed riding the same colour palette. It's so relaaaxing. Great idea with the super glue. I never liked pink until recently either. Better late than never. I love those heels, but I can see why flats were calling to you, especially after a work day.

  5. A spinning skirt can be such a headache. Let me know when you totally solve that problem won't you? Your strawberry top is very cute. So it's ok to blame our mother's for hating pink for most of our adult life then? It's taken me over fifty years to get back to wearing it too! I like the leather skirt, and love it with those neutral shoes, which to me are so dreamy x


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