Monday, May 2, 2016

Pink and Yellow, and the Cheap Ralph Dress

Whew, it's a hot one today. Looks like I picked the right day to wear cashmere, a camisole and nylons.
Weather-appropriate dressing, yes, I am all over that. Okay, maybe not. But I got the colours right!

  • Sweater - Harrod's, consignment; last seen here (4th outfit) in September 2015 for a grocery shop
  • Skirt - Cici; last seen here in September 2015 with magenta fringe
  • Shoes - Big Presence Desmond, Fluevog; last worn here (2nd outfit) in March with fiesta pants
  • Jacket (below) - Holt Renfrew, thrifted; last worn here in September 2015 while being the Mayor of Matchy-town

I was actually fine in all of this until I walked the hot, hot sun. then I regretted the camisole and the nylons and the cashmere sweater!

However, overall, I was very pleased with this outfit.
Pink and yellow are so pretty together! Who knew?

Add a jacket and some aqua kicks for walking.
I also had a straw hat on to keep my hair from turning magenta (it helps a bit).

The stuff:
All the yellow!

Yellow bling:
Two of my favourite pieces.

  • Bakelite earrings - vintage fair
  • Cuff - thrifted

By popular demand (three commenters!) here is the orange Ralph Lauren dress on me. Keep in mind that I'm all sweaty and have no makeup left and not my proper foundation, etc.
You can tell I am feeling it.
I threw on my copper heels to show off the fabulous uneven hem.

Gah, a train! Be still, my heart!
It's a simple dress - which is probably why it was only tagged at EIGHT BUCKS - but it's quality all over. Can I wait until Christmas to actually wear it??


  1. I admire the pose you begin your posts with so much that I'm thinking of imitating it. Is it legally protected? Will you sue me for copying it? :-)

    1. Go for it! Nope, I made it up, but I freely share it - go forth and do the Stair Pose!

  2. Hurrah for the sneak preview! That gown is a perfect fit on you. I love it, and love your copper shoes with it too. Back to the floral skirt now, as I have a pair of pink and green trousers in a very similar print. Must get them on and photographed for you to see. And yes, it's a surprisingly good colour combo x

    1. Thanks, Anna! I'm excited to wear it - so long to wait!

  3. I do like pink and yellow together, even if the fabric was overly warm for the walk home. I need more yellow in my wardrobe.

    That dress is incredible on you - thank you for indulging us and sharing a photo of you in it. It is stunning!

  4. Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous woman! So glad you didn't make us wait until Christmas.

  5. That Ralph Lauren dress is gorgeous and you look great in it! And no, you don't have to wait until Christmas to wear it. I say wear it to the next Big Girl dress up thing that you go to!

  6. Oh the orange dress looks amazing on you and what a perfect fit! Thanks for the sneak preview. You'll have to find somewhere swanky enough to wear it to and not wait until Christmas.

    Love the pink and yellow combo on you and the little yellow jacket was lovely.



  7. Even sweaty, no makeup, and no proper foundation, you look marvelous! That dress is perfect for you.

  8. Oh wow, pink and yellow do look great - what a beautiful outfit to prove that :)
    AND that red dress... seriously 8 bucks ?!! you can't wait until Christmas to wear that. Wear it and make a red dress wine evening at home just to wear it... you look FABULOUS.

  9. No, you can't wait until Christmas to wear it. You must wear it soon. And wear it AGAIN at Christmas. I am so bossy. At eight bucks?! It's like that Ikea commercial START THE CAR!! Heh. Love the pink and yellow too. Yeah, what's up with the heat? Not complaining though.

  10. I triple, quadruple, etc everyone's comments - skirt combo is lovely and the red dress is smashing on you! I like Lorena's idea for a red dress wine evening at home, and suggest following it with a night on the town just because it's always nice to celebrate life!

  11. They really are a marvelous pairing - like sunshine on a spring garden or a mixed citrus salad. Fresh, zingy and sweet at the same time.

    This is an awesome outfit - very much including those fabulous shoes - and one that seem especially at home in the vibrant month of May.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  12. I adore your pink/yellow outfit. I would love to have it. Wouldn't look as good on me as it does on you though. You have a nice bum. The yellow shoes are a dream to me. The dress... wow. That must have been made with you in mind. 8 dollar what a laugh. I am going through your posts but haven't got the time to comment on everything.


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