Monday, February 29, 2016

Gaga Shoulders and Houndstooth

I felt grumpy all day today - it's Monday, plus I'm crabby that Lady Gaga didn't win the Oscar last night. Her performance on the show was amazing - there was not a dry eye in our house. 
A tip of the oversized shoulders to you, Ms. G - you shoulda won!

  • Jacket - H&M, consignment; last worn here in November 2015 with leaves and turquoise
  • Top - Anne Klein, consignment; last seen here in January with oodles of houndstooth
  • Trousers - Topshop, thrifted; first worn here earlier this month with more blue
  • Shoes - Aldo, thrifted; last seen here a week ago with lilac grey

The top (not part of the capsule) was not quite right with the jacket and pants, but by the time I got dressed this morning, I didn't have time to look for something else. Good enough, I said! I like the colours, but the neckline is wonky.
Love the pants and the jacket, though. Keepers!

The stuff:
Pointy-toed shoes are my favourite.

Big bling:
Big in a small way?

  • Earrings - vintage fair
  • Lapis lazuli ring - Wendy Brandes


  1. I also cried at Lady Gaga's performance. That song should have won for sure.

  2. I really love that lapis ring....and the outfit looked REALLY great from the backside! :)

  3. I adore Lady G, and your shoulder-sweater is a fine tribute. She was robbed! xox


  4. Yours is a fine tribute, Sheila. I love this big shouldered jacket and am surprised you managed to feel grumpy wearing something so over the top and utterly splendid. The trousers are the business! Hot stuff x
    Anna's Island Style

  5. I missed the Oscars. Fell asleep. I think you honor her well, I am actually listening to her right now: Bad ROmance.


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